13 Clever Ideas That Could Help Save Our Planet

©Unsplash,christian buehner

If you say to yourself, “the problems with climate change and the environment have nothing to do with me and they’re way too big for me to do anything”, you’re WRONG. These issues involve all of us and we all have to do our part, no matter how small, to fight these threats.

That’s why I’m glad these 13 people offered up the things they do to help fight for our one and only planet.

We hope they inspire you to make some small changes and to help out in any way you can.

Hats off to the folks behind these genius ideas.

1. Rainwater flush.

This makes me incredibly happy, and more inclined to shop here more often.
by inpics

2. Put that old paper to use.

My university makes notepads out of the recycled paper and hands them out to the students
byu/UrBrotherJoe inmildlyinteresting

3. Keep on reusing it.

Recycled cardboard used as an alternative to bubble wrap.
byu/bunzler inmildlyinteresting

4. Eliminating plastic containers.

This super market had tiny paper bags instead of plastic containers to reduce waste
byu/treanegno inmildlyinteresting

5. Cutting down on water waste.

This Japanese toilet refills through a sink in the top so you can rinse your hands and re-use the water.
byu/Flupsy inmildlyinteresting

6. Exercise while you charge your device.

You bike to keep the outlet going, to recharge your devices.
byu/AndersV2200 inmildlyinteresting

7. Why waste the food?

Every day after closing, this local bakery leaves out a bag of their unsold pastries that people can take from freely instead of throwing them away and make unnecessary waste
byu/AmazingJesusChris inmildlyinteresting

8. This is really cool.

The bowling alley in my neighbourhood tore up old lanes and used them to renovate the washrooms.
byu/JohnYoungMVP inpics

9. Compost is always good.

My local coffee shop gives free compost made from their used coffee grounds.
byu/dazz9573 inmildlyinteresting

10. No more butts on the street.

I bought a pack of cigarettes and they came with a postage paid recycling pouch.
byu/p4d4 inmildlyinteresting

11. Who needs the extra bag?

My shoes came with a “handle” rather than being packed in a one time use bag
byu/notloh inmildlyinteresting

12. That’ll get them to throw away their old cigarettes.

13. And finally, organic plastics from avocado seeds.

I love it! All of these are really innovative ideas that could make a difference.

Okay, now it’s your turn. No, seriously… do you have any clever things that you do to pitch in for the environment? It doesn’t have to be a big idea, just something you can do to make the world – or just YOUR world – a better place.

Share them with us in the comments. Every little bit helps!