13 Entitled Customers Who Reminded Us Why Selling Stuff Online Is Literally the Worst

The world of online shopping is dangerous place.

The entire inventory of the planet is at your fingertips, and you can find some pretty sweet deals. For the sellers out there, it’s a realm of high risk, high reward. Some out-of-line people really believe the world owes them something.

These 13 entitled customers and their unrealistic demands remind us why selling stuff online can sometimes be the worst.

1. Those greedy US artists

What’s wild is that this stingy customer didn’t take the exchange values into account.

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2. What a jerk

So… You want somebody else to do all the work while you still reap half the profits? Sounds totally fair to me!

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3. Owned

This super entitled person came barreling in with the hate, but the seller didn’t let them get away with it that easily.

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4. That’s not how bartering works

If a seller refuses your offer, you typically go up, not down.

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5. Pay for my gas!

While you’re at it, could you get my water bill, too?

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6. You’ve got to be kidding

In what world would any gaming console, plus the bells and whistles, go for $100?

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7. Gucci Gucci, Fendi Fendi

If you can’t afford it, then don’t spend-y spend-y.

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8. Take a chill pill

Didn’t anybody ever teach this person about bullying?

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9. LOL

That’s one way to get back at a deadbeat buyer.

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10. That’s just wild

I wonder what motivated the seriously steep price fall.

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11. Wow, just wow

This seller already had several better offers – but the buyer apparently had a different point of view.

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12. Non-negotiable!

I will never understand why people try to rip others off like this.

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13. An offer you can’t refuse

Nobody is forcing you to buy a microwave, dude. Don’t act like you’re doing the seller a favor by taking it off their hands!

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Well, that was sufficiently rage-inducing. I think I’m officially sworn off eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

Have you ever had a total migraine of a buyer come your way while selling things online?

Share your story with us in the comments below!