13 Epic Fails That’ll Make You Pity These Folks


You know what great Mr. T says, “I pity the fool!”

And that’s exactly how you’ll feel after you look at these photos of pretty epic fails.

Hey, we can’t get everything right 100% of the time. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Let’s take a look at these disasters…

1. Thanks, kid.

“Now I know my ABCs, I’ll write them on our SUV”
byu/unneekway inWellthatsucks

2. Bail out!

A picture says a thousand words
byu/savvyfuck inWellthatsucks

3. That is nuts.

In 2015, a Texas plumber who sold his truck to a dealership found out that the decals were not removed when it ended up in the hands of ISIS
byu/sgtpepper_spray inWellthatsucks

4. Very close…

Diy fail
byu/jetaimezombies inWellthatsucks

5. That sucks!

Had a leak develop in our laboratory this morning. Nobody was on campus to catch it so there was 4 inches of standing water and countless ruined pieces of equipment.
byu/anothergrad_student inWellthatsucks

6. Okay, who blew it?

Israel brings in millions of eggs to relieve Passover shortages and then this happens
byu/joshweinstein inWellthatsucks

7. Packed full of goodies.

Look at this awesome sandwich
byu/COVID19_4Lyf inWellthatsucks

8. He looks depressed.

Fs in the chat for all the April and march birthday people :/
byu/boomsnap99 inWellthatsucks

9. Never seen that before.

A pipe broke upstairs
byu/thepinkfluffy1211 inWellthatsucks

10. Disaster area.

Heard a loud bang from the kitchen
byu/suian_sanche_sedai inWellthatsucks

11. Get out the buckets.

So…this happened today
byu/garebare1234 inWellthatsucks

12. Five-second rule!

Son of a…
byu/rclm26 inWellthatsucks

13. That’s pretty disrespectful.

Sorry, Walter
by inWellthatsucks

I kind of feel sorry for these folks…kind of…

Have you had any major fails or disasters happen to you recently?

If so, please share your stories with us in the comments!

We promise not to judge…too much…