13 Face Masks for Anyone Who Secretly Wishes They Were a Cat

Everybody wants to be a cat, right? Well now you can be! Live out your best cat life by purchasing one of these face masks with cat designs.

If we’re going to stay safe during the this pandemic, we might as well do it in style.

There are just about as many different cat mask options as there are cats in the world! Find some inspiration from these fierce feline faces before settling on your new purrrrsona.

1. The Cool Cat:

The future’s so bright.


2. The Scary Cat:

This one stresses meow-t.


3. The Creeper Cat:

Hey bud, my eyes are up here. No, my real eyes.

Image Credit: Etsy

4. The Ferocious Cat:

This mask is grrrrreat!

4. Cat in the Hat:

One fish, two fish, I’ll eat you fish.

Image Credit: Etsy

5. Breaking Bad Cat:

When you look over and your cat is staring at you SO intently.


6. Outdoor Cat:

Here we see the human-cat hybrid in it’s natural habitat.


7. Naked Cat:

I would give anything to see a bald person wear this one.

Image Credit: Etsy

8. Twice the Cat:

The only thing better than one cat, is two.


9. Derpy Cat:

This one would make Lil’ Bub proud.


10. Yawning Cat:

Arguably the cutest kind of cat.

Image Credit: Etsy

11. Not Having It Cat:

Someone put a cup on the table so I can knock it off.

12. Attack Cat:

Foolish mortal. You dare rub this belly?

Image Credit: Etsy

13. Cat Burglar:

We stick to the plan: sneak in, grab the cat, sneak out.

Image Credit: Imgur

If you’ve reached this final level of cathood I applaud you. You have truly transcended.

I have to wonder though, for the people who wear these masks regularly, do passers-by get creeped out, or try to give them a pet on the head? There’s only one way to find out…

Which cat mask will you choose? Let us know in the comments!