13 Funny Posts About Pets That Will Make You Smile

There’s no doubt about it – pets make the world go ’round, and when the days are tough, they can be one of the only things guaranteed to make people feel just a little bit better.

If you need a smile, or an ‘awww,’ or just a dog or cat face to make your worries fade, we’ve got you covered – or at least these 13 posts do, and we’re sharing them below.

13. The squeaky wheel and all of that.

Cats definitely understand it.

12. This would be delightful.

Also sometimes I need something to scratch.

11. They grow up so fast.

Time for new pjs, mom.

10. He might be confused.

But he’s also comfortable and has covered all of his bases.

9. This just cracked me up.

You can take the cat out of the bar…

8. You cannot break my focus.

Nor can you tempt me into better humor, human.

7. The lap of luxury.

Every dog deserves to be so spoiled.

6. How wholesome is this?

And how hilarious at the same time?

5. Now there’s a name for a cat.

I sincerely hope no one changed it.

4. I would follow him anywhere.

Straight into Mordor.

3. Sooooo smol.

I would die for him.

2. I have no idea what’s happening here.

But I am for sure here for it.

1. Why are their faces so perfect?

Almost as perfect as this caption, actually.

I love my dogs, but I think I need a cat…

What’s the sweetest thing your pet does for you when you’re feeling down? Tell us about it in the comments!