Do You Like When Store Owners Let Their Pets Loose in Their Businesses? Here’s What People Had to Say.

I can’t possibly think of a reason why you wouldn’t want dogs or cats running loose in a place where you were doing some shopping, but I guess everyone is different.

I personally love it when I go into a shop and the owners have a dog or a cat that I can pet and play with while I browse.

And one person took to Reddit to express their love for this phenomenon as well.

I LOVE when store owners have a pet that they let loose in the store from unpopularopinion

Let’s see if Reddit users agree or disagree with this person’s opinion.

1. Okay, I like that.

“There’s this one reptile store in my city and the owner lets his two pet tortoises walk around and a giant lizard type thing named Felix.

He’s great and always comes over for love”

2. This is very true.

“Bookstores are truly the best place for a fat cat, lots of people sitting and reading, and cats are generally fairly quiet.

I went to a bookstore that had the most ADORABLE kitten in the bay window, instantly went inside and bought a book.”

3. Not going in there.

“I agree it’s cute.

However, on the flip side I am very allergic to cats and love browsing book stores.

So they would by default not be an option for me.”

4. Come join us.

“There was a fat chill cat at an Amsterdam coffee shop I went to.

We were chilling, rolling up a spliff and this dude strolls up and sits on the pillow near us in the circle. I asked the owner if it was okay and he said “Oh yes. He sees people in circles all day and frequently does that. We think he just wants to be included.”

He just chilled there with us while we smoked, looking somewhat interested and accepting pets.”

5. Here for the cat.

“Used to co-own and co-run a second-hand bookstore that had a beautiful Persian cat. I swear some of the customers came in just to pet it.

There was one who came every month with a big brush to groom it. I miss that cat.”

6. It’s practical for some places.

“My local grocery store keeps a cat to contain the mice population. They tend to destroy packaged foods, eggs etc. especially during the night.

The guy roams freely throughout the store including the storerooms.”

7. A bad experience.

“I like the idea but only when the pet is well behaved.

I once went to a pet store when I was probably about 8 and the owner has a dog he said was friendly.

I went to pet him and got bit on the face, I still have scars over my forehead, eyelid, and cheek.”

8. Not a good idea.

“Honestly, it’s idiotic to have a pet at your store roam free.

It’s an added liability that doesn’t need to be there.”

9. Nope.

“I went to a barber in a new town and they had a (big breed, don’t know dogs well) puppy. Thought it was adorable til he kept toothing on my forearm.

Asked the barber if they could call him over or lock him up, and they said he was just being a puppy.

I just left. F*ck that.”

10. Gym cat.

“My local gym has a cat!

He mostly relaxes on the chairs by the door but occasionally walks around and says hello to people, and sometimes will fall asleep on the treadmills.”

11. A huge risk.

“I saw a GLASSWARE STORE in Italy with a cat.

Risky business.”

12. Adorable trash panda.

“A store near my hometown takes in animals that are orphaned from hurricanes.

One time I went in and they had a baby female raccoon named Bandette.

Any store with a store animal automatically rises in my estimation.”

13. A liability.

“It’s a liability and it probably has more to do with insurance than anything else. If the animal bites a customer or if someone trips over the animal then they get a lawsuit.

Insurance companies don’t like to pay out for lawsuits so its best if they don’t have an animal walking around the store.”

14. Something about bookstores…

“A secondhand book shop in my home town had a huge tabby cat called Dickens.

He used to sleep on top of the paraffin heater and the whole place smelled faintly of singed fur.”

Alright, you know the drill.

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