18 People Share the Things They Find Extremely Hard to Resist

Life is full of temptations and tough choices, but what are the things we find the hardest to say no to, even when we’re pretty sure we should?

Some of these answers will vary from person-to-person, but others might apply to more of us than we’d like to admit.

Take a look at these 18 people’s suggestions to see what I mean!

18. It’s intended purpose.

Popping bubble wrap.

I always pop bubble wrap when I see one, I’m not even ashamed. You can look at me all judgy but I am gonna pop it.

17. It’s always the worst-case scenario.

Googling symptoms.

Once googled why my nose won’t stop running when I had a cold. Apparently brain leakage was a possibility.

16. There’s always one smarty pants in the room.


15. Apparently it’s human nature.


Even things that I actually want to do. I spent a week saying tonight is the night I watch Kill Bill, but then not doing it.

Edit: I have since seen Kill Bill, it just took me a week to do it.

14. Leftover pizza anytime.

Leftover pizza after a night of drinking.

Especially if it’s been left on the coffee table instead of in the refrigerator.

13. You gotta let that loose.

The sudden urge to sneeze.

Forcing yourself to hold in your sneeze is a MISERABLE feeling.

12. Wisdom of the ages.

Peeing while pooping.

All poo poo times are pee pee times but not all pee pee times are poo poo times.

11. See also: another chapter of a good book.

“A few more minutes” of video games at 1 am.

I just gotta wait for this wonder to be built then I’m good. Oh shoot now that one only has 5 turns might as well wait for that. Ugh I’m gonna be made at myself when I get back on of I leave those bandits there

And this goes on until sunrise

10. You have to know your limits.

Getting another plate at a buffet.

Third plate is always the killer.

First plate is a respectable meal with real food.

Second plate is seconds.

Third plate is the “let my inner 8 year old run wild” plate of french fries, mac & cheese, and maybe nothing else.

9. Why would you want to?

Scratching an itchy spot. Notably Mosquito bites.

My dumb butt cut the grass while wearing shorts and now regret it.

8. Sometimes the pain is worth it.

Cheesy pizza when you damn well know you’re lactose intolerant.

7. Except for broccoli.

Eating just 1 of anything (Pringles, Oreos, etc.).

If you’re the kind of person to open up a bag of chips and eat only one potato chip, I’m 100% certain you’re a psychopath.

6. I feel this in my soul.

Sugar. I’ve stop eat anything with processed sugar. For the 1st month I felt like a crack addict.

As a former sugar addict who now drinks his coffee black and loves it, I can tell you the trick to successfully giving it up:

Keep track of how much you use. Back off a tiny bit at a time.

I think it took me six months to stop putting sugar in my coffee? Maybe even a year. Each week, I used a teeny-tiny bit less. At one point, I had to go to one of those fancy kitchen stores (Sur Le Table) to buy a ridiculously tiny spoon because I’d gotten the amount down to a point where I was stuck because I still kept putting too much on a teaspoon. So I bought a smaller spoon.

As for cereal: I bought a container to dump cereal into instead of keeping it in the cereal box, and I started mixing in less sweet cereals – at first, just a little. Eventually, the container was just healthy cereal with no sugary stuff at all.

Every time I tried to go cold-turkey, I failed. So, I changed my approach. I started cutting back little by little over a long period of time.

5. Netflix is a shamer.

One more episode.

Are you still watching?

They even make the screen black so I can see my ugly fat mug.

4. Seconded.

garlic bread

Especially from Fazoli’s.

3. You gotta make sure they work.

Picking up tongs and clicking them together.

that’s how you wake them up

Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to go to pick something up with your tongs, only to discover they were stuck shut? No thank you! I will stick to my test clicks.

2. Just inhale it.


It’s not just that popcorn smells really good. When there’s popcorn within reach of me, I eat it so automatically that it’s almost unconscious.

It’s like a compulsion; it’s extremely difficult for me to not eat the popcorn. If I see a movie in theaters I can easily get through a quarter of my popcorn bucket just waiting for the trailers to end.

1. We all do this.

Similarly, hitting the clear button on a calculator 5-30 times before you use it. I mean, how else can you know there’s no math left in it?

Too many things are too real, I say.

What would you put on this list? Drop it on us in the comments!