Would You Rather Be Too Hot or Too Cold?

Would you rather be shivering and freezing cold or sweating so much you leave a mark wherever you sit down?

It’s Sophie’s Choice, but just do it.

Personally, I’ve always been in the “too hot” camp, despite arguments to the contrary – and this person has some very good arguments as to why being cold is nicer than not. I just hate being cold, and I disagree that putting more clothes on necessarily helps.

Being way too cold is vastly superior to being a little too hot.
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Sometimes nothing but a boiling bath helps, let’s be honest.

Let’s see if she’s managed to convince anyone on Reddit to change camps, though, shall we?

14. Compromise makes the world go ’round.


My husband is hardcore for hot weather, and I wish I lived on top of a snow covered mountain.

Since we live in a southern US hellscape, we compromise by keeping it a cool 65 degrees in the house at all times.

13. The grass is always greener.

I always prefer the opposite of my last experience with either extreme. 110 in the desert?

Cold doesn’t sound so bad.

Shivering uncontrollably? Heat suddenly seems fine again.

12. A graphic defense of the cold.

Lived in negative weather and triple digit heat, I can attest eff the heat. Especially humid heat.

Cant do nothing but powder your nut sack to prevent it from sticking to your thigh and sit around and crab about it. Cold any day

11. Yes I’ll take the summer storm, please.

Yeah I much prefer the heat over the cold. I can’t stand being cold.

I’m from Australia so my colds not even cold. I’m talking like 17c is where i absolutely hate the cold.

Give me a nice sunny 27c or above summers day with a nice arvo storm to finish it off. Nothing better.

10. Maybe it is the humidity that does it.

I’ve settled in the North.

Been all over the world experiencing all circles of weather hell.

The high desert/mountains suit me just fine.

Negligible humidity, typically non-severe weather patterns, fantastic AC services.

9. But what if you’re still cold?

For me it always boils down to you can always add more layers but you can only take off so many layers before its no longer acceptable in public.

Cold FTW

8. What if you can’t mitigate?

To me, there’s something oddly nice about being really cold.

You can just snuggle up in your blanket with lots of layers and a hot drink beside you.

When you’re too hot, it’s almost impossible to function because there’s no escape.

7. Sweat isn’t always a bad thing.

Uggh I’m the same way. I live in the southern US, and the heat & humidity wipe me out bc I’m unable to sweat enough to cool down.

I end up retaining all the heat, my skin gets really hot & red; it feels like it’s on fire. Then if I don’t get to a cooler place soon I usually get a severe headache, fatigue, confusion, I’ll hear my heartbeat pounding in my ears, sometimes my speech even gets a bit slurred.

I basically have to stay in or near water or air conditioning most of the summer. Ppl say, “ohhh that would be so nice not to sweat much! I wish I was like that!” But ig some ppl don’t realize our bodies NEED to be able to sweat to regulate our temps.

6. Cold, then.

With heat stroke you can hallucinate, like tripping out without taking drugs.

Ultimately I’d prefer whichever has the quickest death.

5. Can we choose temperate?

I’m generally one of those who prefers hot over cold weather.

But in more recent years, temps over like 80 F and humidity give me pretty bad headaches.

I’m starting to enjoy colder breezes and wintery clothing more…

So now I’m reconsidering my preferences and subsequent future areas I wanna live in 😬

4. Air conditioning, please.

In England it’s not hot enough of the time for ac to be worth it.

So those 1 or two weeks when there’s a heat wave and the temperature ranges from 25-30 degrees aren’t comfortable.

The only way to stay slightly cool in the night is sleep with no covers on and a cold flannel on you.

3. That’s definitely cool.

That’s insane. I live in New York, and it’s usually pretty cold here.

I prefer the cold, and I most definitely couldn’t say that I’m comfortable in 100 degrees.

Anything 70+ I consider to be hot. 72-73+ is where we start pushing it and I get seriously uncomfortable.

I can put up with it outside, but I’m not gonna like it.

In my house I like to keep everything at a cool 69 degrees.

2. The sun makes a difference.

The temperature is not even the issue.

It’s the lack of sunlight that sucks.

I hate that it’s dark more than I hate how cold it is during the winter and I’m still expected to participate in society like gtfo.

1. Not continuously cold.

Yeah I am Hispanic and live in the southwest and I can be hot all day and be fine.

I am a lizard that can live in the sun.

I hate the cold and if I’m just a little cold I am sooo uncomfortable.

I would rather sit inside in 80 deg heat on a hot day than be continuously cold

Yeah, I’m not convinced.

What about you? Pick your poison and tell us which you drank in the comments!