People Love This Restaurant’s Clever And Funny Signs About the Pandemic


During this whole crisis that we’re all going through, THANK GOD that a lot of restaurants are still open for takeout.

One of those places is the El Arroyo in Austin, Texas. They’re not only open, they’ve stepped up their sign game in a major way to make customers and passers-by have a hearty laugh in this time of uncertainty.

Here are 13 signs from the El Arroyo that are pretty darn funny.

1. My hands have an alcohol problem.

Are you going through this right now, too?


2. Now you’re in the dog’s shoes…

Going a little stir crazy, are we?


3. That’s what we’ve been reduced to at this point.

How do you feel about this turn of events?


4. Carpe all those Diems, people!

That’s gonna feel pretty good, huh?


5. Try to avoid this if possible.

Nobody wants to hear your Zoot Toot.


6. They make an excellent point. 

Good thing we don’t have to hunt tacos in the wild, huh?


7. Ahhhhh! The horror!

That poor SOB…I’ll pray for him or her.


8. Sweats 4 Lyfe.

All day, every day! At least for now…


9. Good for your boobs!

Let them be free!


10. Summer body is put on hold until 2021.

Too much pizza, nachos, beef jerky, beer, tequila, the list goes on and on.


11. That wasn’t very professional.

You should refer them to HR.


12. Suzie is really acting out in class lately!

Are you having these kinds of conversations in the mirror?


13. Six feet apart, people…

Words to live by…


I’d love to go back to Austin and give this place a shot. My motto in life is “I can eat Mexican food every day of my life for every meal and I’d still never get sick of it.”

How about you? Have you seen any funny signs from businesses during this whole lockdown?

If so, please share a photo or tell us about it in the comments.