13 Funny Tweets to Put a Big Smile on Your Face

It’s a big, crazy, scary world out there right now and we need LAUGHTER more than ever.

Don’t you agree?

Laughing is good for the brain, it’s good for the body, and it’s good for the soul.

So we should all be doing it as much as possible, in spite of what’s going on in the world right now.

And we think that these funny tweets really hit the mark.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hurl. Okay, we don’t want you to hurl (or even cry, really), but we do hope that you laugh. A LOT!


1. They sure were…

But love will find a way!

2. I’m here for this.

And I want it to catch on!

3. Well, now we have to see it!

The suspense is killing me.


4. Funny how that works…

I think we all do this.


5. This kid has a future.

And they’re right about this book.

6. That bothers me as well.

I think I’m at 6 right now.


7. Put it in rice.

It might work? Right?

8. This is a great idea.

We should all start doing this.

9. That’s…kind of scary…

Just being honest, buddy.

10. The best bars.

Now I’m confused…

11. She couldn’t resist.

Even though Tarzan is really not THAT great of a catch.

12. Never seen again…

This is totally EPIC.

13. You can have both.

Drink up!

Now it’s your turn to make all of us laugh.

In the comments, share something hilarious that you’ve seen lately.

We want to see jokes, memes, tweets, photos, etc.!

Give us the good stuff!