13 Hilarious Jokes For Anyone Who Has Been Single For Awhile

There are so many great things about being single, but if you’re single for a long time it can start to wear on you, right? Not to mention that everyone in your life seems to have some sort of comment on the matter besides.

These 13 jokes should get you laughing no matter what stage of singledom you’re in – and most of us can definitely relate.

13. This is pretty hilarious.

And also fairly gross, if we’re being honest.

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12. Sounds as if you’re looking for a very specific person.

You’ll find it some day.

11. Sometime we just say things.

We only hear how cringe they are after the fact.


10. You’ve still got to have standards.

And know whether or not you really want to leave the house.

9. I think that should do it.

That’s how maths work, right?


8. Fill in the blanks.

Someone out there must have something good to offer.

7. I wish this was a real shirt.

I would buy it for reasons I choose not to disclose.

6. I’ve never felt more seen in my life.

It’s rough out there for people with anxiety.


5. At least no one expects anything of you.

And you don’t have to share your chocolates.

4. Might have scared them off, there.

Unless they’re into it, in which case, go for it!


3. You have to really prepare yourself.

Otherwise, keep that door closed for another couple of days.

2. Direct is the way to go.

I don’t know anyone who actually likes guessing games.


1. It’s important to be self-aware.

It’s a trait too few possess these days.

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I haven’t been single for awhile, but these jokes kind of many me miss those days.

If you’re single, tell us in the comments the funniest thing someone has said to you about it lately!