13 Hilarious Newspaper Edits That’ll Make You Do a Double-Take

Newspapers and magazines have a lot going on. There’s only so much space on each page, so sometimes things need to go right next to each other that, well, might not fit. Then, there are good ol’ fashion typos. Add it all together and you get some seriously funny newspaper edits that we couldn’t help but share.

1. At least she looks happy.

Photo Credit: Imgur: rossmiers87

2. Oh, y’all knew what you were doing.

3. “Are you sure this is the only picture we have?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: angryman8000

4. I’d fight for a porg any day.

Photo Credit: Imgur

5. This is my nightmare.

Photo Credit: Imgur

6. Now we know who’s really in charge.

Photo Credit: Reddit: SearScare

7. They’re still at large.

Photo Credit: Reddit: CgSw

8. What a unique name…

9. Words, words, words!

Photo Credit: Reddit: Kenuff

10. That’s…not how numbers work.

11. You could have used so many other verbs…

Photo Credit: Imgur: WullieBlake

12. Um, we’re good.

Photo Credit: Reddit

13. He’s such a good lawyer, not even he was safe.

Photo Credit: Imgur: WullieBlake