13 Hilarious Tweets That Make 2020 Seem More Bearable

Is there anywhere better than Twitter to find all of the funniest thoughts on the internets?

No, there’s not.

Enjoy these hilarious tweets that we found especially for you!

1. You’re doing it wrong. But also kind of right.

Seems like quarantine is treating them well, yeah?

2. Love that chicken from Popeye’s!

I can f**k with this all day long.

3. How long will be signing like this?

Probably until the end of 2023. That’s my guess.

4. Also, if you don’t have a life, booze will give you one!

It won’t last long, but, yanno… YOLO!

5. Also, quarantine Day 673

I will do this every single day, regardless.

6. Gurlllllll

I don’t think that relationship is gonna work out…

7. I mean… same same

Hypersonic? Maybe. Funky fresh? No.

8. I should be terrified, but instead I’m intrigued.

I’d hang out with this banger!

9. Rump shaker… shaking that rump!

Please just wear a mask. Please. Good lord… PLEASE!!!

10. Isn’t this our entire life now?

Just one email response after another. Get used to it!

11. If it weren’t true, it would be funny.

Somehow, this is just cruel. Also, it is true.

12. Why can’t you just give us a break, teach?

I know you have a job to do, but maybe just give us an A for effort?

13. What happens when you binge drink from the start of the pandemic until now.

Nobody said this s**t was gonna be easy. Boozy? Yes. Easy… naw.

If those tweets didn’t sum up the year we just had… okay. That’s fine. You do you.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are actually my friend and agree with me… tell me which of these tweets made you laugh out loud.

Comments. Do it. Thank you.