13 Hilariously Wrong Comments People Have Shared on the Internet

People generally behave themselves in real life. When was the last time you saw someone make a morbid or inappropriate comment at a party?

But the internet is an entirely different ballgame, literally and figuratively. Here, people really let loose and find a way to make even the most innocent photos or news headlines into something totally edgy, gross or cringe-worthy.

In fact, there’s an entire sub-Reddit dedicated to these instances, called r/cursedcomments. Below, we’ve gathered a few of our favorites that made us say, “WTF?”

1. Come Again?

Well … that’s sure interesting.

cursed_idontevenknowanymore from cursedcomments

2. Career Advice

Well, he’s got a point there.

Cursed_work from cursedcomments

3. Budding Author

Um, wow, that took a turn for the worst rather quickly!

Cursed Tree from cursedcomments

4. Grandma Games

Hmm, we’re thinking that might have been a slight overreaction on his part?

Cursed_gamer from cursedcomments

5. Witchy Woman

Even nice witches finish last, apparently!

cursed witch from cursedcomments

6. Presidential Probe

My my my, how different things are in these two countries!

Found it on r/cursedcomments from technicallythetruth

7. Resting Bitch Face

That’s not exactly where our minds went, but it works nonetheless.

Cursed_coco from cursedcomments

8. Pun Master

Ha! OK, now that is pretty hilarious.

Cursed_StolenForeskin from cursedcomments

9. Puppy Travels

Ooooh sick burn brah!

Cursed coronaball from cursedcomments

10. Dancing Queen

Wow, too real. Too real.

Cursed_Dance from cursedcomments

11. Toilet Toiling

Well, that’s one way to respond to the question! Ha.

Cursed_toilet from cursedcomments

12. Tree Terror

He’s got a point!

Cursed_minecraftsaplings from cursedcomments

13. Fast Food Show-Down

Ouch! That burn is gonna leave a scar!

Cursed wendys from cursedcomments

These are pretty hilarious, if not enough to just make you sit there and scratch your head and wonder what the person was thinking. Ah, the good ol’ internet, welcoming all sorts of people with open arms.

Have you ever read a comment that made your jaw drop open? Any good one-liners that you’ve posted before?

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