13 Images of People Failing at Their One Job

People are inherently lazy – most of us, anyway. That said, we typically will try to do our best on the days we clock in for a paycheck.

Sometimes, though, we fail. For one reason or another, we can’t get it done that day.

Even though it happens to the best of us, these 13 people should still be ashamed of themselves.

13. Well that is objectively wrong.

Maybe it’s a one-of-a-kind item!

12. This looks sort of like Marie Antoinette?

So maybe this isn’t a mistake, but is actually profound/accurate?

11. Just a blatant disregard for the rules.

Somebody is a rebel.

10. Some special child is going to choose (and adore) the second one.

Everyone needs somebody to love them.

9. Talk about a missed connection.

Those two are just begging to get together.

8. Your cookie was meant for a mafia boss.

It’s sort of chilling, no?

7. This is the kind of thing you never notice until you move in.

And then it’s too late; it will haunt you forever.

6. There are definitely two ways this could be read…

And most of us read left to right.

5. Only the best and brightest.

On the inside, anyway.

4. Someone is going to get an unwelcome surprise.

That will ruin your day, friends.

3. Honestly not even sure what to say.

Did a really talented 3yo paint this?

2. Our kids don’t need any encouragement, okay?

Maybe the teachers could use them, though.

1. Bless their hearts.

What a story to tell at the party, though!

These are making me cringe, y’all.

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