13 Images That Prove Australia Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

Listen, y’all. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Australia in my life, but as I stuck largely to the cities and areas nearby, I’m not sure I got the full experience.

You know, the one where everything wants to eat you and the locals yell c**t at passersby just for fun.

At least, that’s what this group would lead you to believe life is like down under – so take a gander before you wander off the beaten path in Australia!

13. Sure, maybe he’s harmless.

I still wouldn’t want him near my nethers, though.

my mum’s partner found this brown snake under his toilet lid
byu/whatisuniqueusername inaustralia

12. If not her, who would have done it?

*makes note to buy a SCUBA tank*

My physics teacher defended her house from bushfires by herself, and then waited out the fire in her pool using a scuba tank.
byu/Drakey02 inaustralia

11. That doesn’t seem to be today’s issue.

It can be hard to keep up.

Australia summed up
byu/LadderOne inaustralia

10. If that doesn’t give you the heebie jeebies…

That’s a lot of baby spideys.

I love Australia.
byu/RPA031 inSweatyPalms

9. Kangaroos are ripped.

I’m just saying.

Sexy calendars in Australia
by inaustralia

8. Chickens can be scary.

I’m not gonna lie.

Energex couldn’t check my meter due to my chicken
by inaustralia

7. Look at those horns.

It has to be devilish.

The morning shoe check (before we put them on) saved my wife a bit of pain today.
byu/ozmatterhorn inaustralia

6. They know where the shade is.

But apparently not the chicken coop.

Summer in Australia.
byu/Fredx inaustralia

5. Ah, lovely.

Climate change is great, right?


4. Look at that cutie!

I know I shouldn’t pet it, but…

Today I learned echidnas can swim
byu/outdatedopinion inaustralia

3. That’s one trusting dude.

But it is a cool snake.

The man brought a bloody cool snake on the bus! Some dude said that particular snake tastes like chicken!
by inaustralia

2. This is absolutely hilarious.

I kind of want to change my own pizza delivery instructions, honestly.

Meanwhile in Australia…
byu/rohanrag inaustralia

1. I guess all of those people just didn’t care.

How very Aussie of them.

I did laugh at the casual nature of this very Australian warning found at Byron Bay Beach.
byu/SteamingTurd inaustralia

This all seems about right, honestly. I’m just sorry I didn’t experience some of it firsthand.

If you’re from Australia or have some firsthand knowledge, drop it on us in the comments!