13 Life-Changing Items You Can Nab for Under $100

We’re all on the lookout for a great deal, or for an item that we’ll actually use and love instead of tossing it into the basement a couple of weeks after it arrives.

If you’re on the hunt, these 13 items seem like they’d totally be worth the relatively cheap price tag.

13. Also, go to the dermatologist.


No skin cancer for me.

12. If you get it, you get it.

More than one 10mm socket.

11. This is a great idea.

If you have a large lawn or a property that requires a lot of yard work get some 3M Worktunes. About $50 and they’re combination hearing protection and Bluetooth headphones so you can actually hear your music without destroying your eardrums.

They’re a good gift too for anyone you know with a lawn or wood shop or something.

At my old house it was a 4-5 hour ordeal to mow and trim the property. I’d likely have went fully insane without those.

10. If you have time to make good coffee/tea, this is a must.

If you have trouble getting up or functioning in the morning, and like a nice cup of coffee or tea, an electric kettle with a timer can be a real game-changer.

Or just getting an electric kettle if you don’t have one.

9. Why not both?

A 10 foot charging cable.

Or a quality pair of shoes.

8. It might actually save your life.

Carbon monoxide detector.

Seriously, don’t mess around.

Get one.

7. If you need to be practical.

Rice cooker. That fucker kept me fed during depression when I barely had the energy to get out of bed. Takes less than nothing to get some rice in there and flip the switch.

Want something sweet? Throw coconut and sugar in there. Want flavor but can’t be fucked to make anything? Get some Spanish rice or saffron goin.

You can throw tofu in there with it if you need . Yeah it’s not the best for you but hot food is better than no food.

6. It might take some trial and error to find the one for you.

May sound simple, but a good pillow.

It is amazing the change in body aches, and sleep you see when you have a good pillow that fits you.

5. It will definitely get used!

A good shop vac.

You will not believe how many uses around the house you’ll find for it. Cobweb removal, water removal, gravel removal, vent cleaning, soot trap cleaning, (after a good scrub since it’s likely dirty from other tasks) car vacuuming, dust sucking, the list goes on.

Seriously if you plan to buy or already own a home go get a shop vac.

4. Only if you want/need to sleep during the day.

Blackout curtains for your bedroom.

3. A great mood boost.

House plants, if you are inside a lot.

I surround my desk with them so I’ve got something to look at while I’m waiting for stuff at work.

It’s very satisfying to watch them grow over time and I also think that being near plants is something that’s psychologically good for humans on a very primeval level.

2. This was the best Christmas gift.

A jumper.

Basically a battery in a box that has battery clamps. For jump-starting your vehicle.

Get one that has a dc/ac outlet so you can use it to power small electronics when you have a power outage at home.

I would not recommend.

1. You don’t have to go all out.

A basic skincare routine.

I’m talking like cleanse, moisturize, sunscreen, and if you’re really adventurous/ in need, get yourself a topical for acne or concerns.

Amazing for your self esteem, and also becomes a form of self care eventually. It’s so easy to forget to take care of yourself.

Definitely going to grab some of these, y’all!

Which one just made its way into your Amazon cart? Let us know in the comments!