These 14 Items Change Our Lives for Less Than $100

It’s hard to tell sometimes what gadget or item will actually have a positive impact on your life and which will end up abandoned on a shelf in the garage.

If you’re wondering what small investment you could make that could have a larger payoff, these 14 Redditors have some suggestions.

14. Maybe I should try this.

A decent light wake up alarm clock. Completely changed my mornings.

Don’t think I could ever go back to using my phone or a simple alarm clock.

13. I know it’s tongue-in-cheek, but…

Two pet ducks. You may be tempted to go for one.

But trust me. You need two.

And you’ll have about $76 left over.

12. This sounds like an excellent idea.

I got a king-sized blanket for a double bed. Best decision ever! The double sheets fit the bed, but I couldn’t snuggle completely under them without curling up.

Now I can hide completely under the duvet stretched out. Best thing ever in the winter!

11. It’s like living in luxury.

A curved shower rod. Seriously.

$10 for a tension rod, or $28 for a curved one that takes a bit more effort to install, but your showers are suddenly 33% larger and feels like you’re in a hotel every day.

10. Great for a single cup person.

AeroPress coffee maker.

The thing broke my wife of her $200(?) monthly Starbucks habit.

The unit costs maybe $25 or so.

9. I never understood the purpose, honestly.

Another monitor.

Your productivity will increase dramatically.

8. Makes you feel like an adult.

Sharp knives for the kitchen.

We bought a whetstone what feels like years ago and it went unused until last week. Everyone in the household is constantly complaining about dull knives and I always tell them, “well, we do have a whetstone,” to which they respond “i DoN’t KnOw HoW tO uSe ThAt!!”

Eventually the dullness started to actually bother me so I spent 30 seconds watching a Youtube video and gave it a crack. Then I learned it had been bothering me my whole life and I just didn’t know it. Knives are supposed to cut THAT easily?! Holy crap!

7. But you have to take care of them…

House plants.

They will make you happy looking after them. I recently bought a venus fly trap, she caught her first fly today. So proud.

6. I want to see what this looks like.

Vertical mouse. $20. Saved my wrist using it at work all day.

It looks odd but it feels so much more natural. I even got a bunch of people at my office to buy one after they tried mine.

5. Use clean water though.

A nasal irrigation kit – either the electronic pump or simply the squeeze bottles. I started using them both leading up to surgery on my sinuses, and I haven’t stopped using them since.

It takes some getting used to, but the relief and clean feeling is amazing.

4. My husband needs this.

Motion sensor night lights.

Can’t tell you how many stubbed toes or falls they have prevented.

Also a cheap intruder alarm.

3. What a bargain!!

I bought a $1 back scratcher from an asian market in town.

Best $1 I ever spent.

2. I need to get one of these.

A glass breaker on a keychain.

Push it against the glass of your car window and it shatters immediately, helping you get out of a car underwater, broken door etc.

Super cheap and life saving.

1. It’s become an obsession.

New pair of socks.

If you’ve been wearing the same pairs forever like I typically usually do theirs nothing like putting on a new pair of freshly bought socks, you can totally feel the difference.

I never realized til was an adult sadly but I appreciate the feeling of new socks all the time.

I’m definitely going to check out some of these!

Have you tried any? What’s your review? Give us the details in the comments!