16 Professions Where Questionable Practices Are Common

You never know the truth about a job or a profession until you actually do the work for a certain amount of time…and after awhile, maybe the most questionable of practices seem normal if you do them every day.

These 16 people seem to realize, though, that things are amiss at their jobs.

16. We all know this, right?

I’m sure most know this, but 99.9% of advertisements involving ‘real people’ is acted and scripted. Even when the people being interviewed are indeed non-actors, they are prompted on what to say. For example, recently we interviewed a guy who won a car from one of our brands.

First round:

Interviewer: Congrats on your win! How do you feel?

Guy: Uhh… really great. It’s a real surprise, to be honest. Thank you.


Interviewer: Interviewer: Congrats on your win! How do you feel?

Guy: I feel so lucky to have won a (BRAND) car! The design and handling is first rate, and I’m most impressed by the fuel consumption. I will definitely keep on holding (BRAND) as my top car of choice.

15. And if there’s no ticket they aren’t fixing it.


Outages occur sure, bugs happen too.

Most of the time these things are known and are put off until they happen or are complained about.

14. Only the good ones.

Teachers sh%t talk students as much as students do.

Don’t get me wrong, we love you and want to see you succeed. But y’all are some a$sholes.

13. In case you weren’t already grossed out by hotels…

Many hotels often sell rooms multiple times. Used to work in airport hotel. Knowing that chances are some guests won’t arrive due to missed or delayed flights so we sell more rooms that we have.

You have guests checking out from 2/3 am due to early flights so even though the room is technically still theirs you quickly and sometimes poorly clean the room and tell the arriving unexpected guest or new booking there’s a random computer issue and to wait 20 mins and then check them into the departed guests room praying.

Multiple times I’ve had to run a kettle under a cold tap to hide the fact the previous guest used it 15 mins before the new guest arrives

12. It’s not as easy as it sounds.


MOST of the articles you read on the internet are written by us. We have no idea what we are talking about. We get the topic, Google it, and reword other articles into a new one.

All we have to do is make sure we include a few seo words. I’ve written articles for HVAC companies, movie and tv reviews, tons of different merchandise sales, and so much other stuff I’ve forgotten. If it’s a blog post online, it’s likely fake.

11. I hate the current system.

Many bills are literally written by lobbyists or special interest organizations. I have seen my boss give bill language to a state legislator and then found the same language in print a few days later several times.

The bill may change in committee but usually not drastically against the original intent.

10. I’m guessing more like a half dozen.

There is at least one water bottle/soda can/energy drink/ spray paint can sitting on a piece of blocking behind your drywall somewhere in your house.

9. You have to assume this, I think.

How many people who work with children (teachers, childcare workers, etc.) don’t follow confidentiality guidelines.

Gossiping about families with coworkers, talking about children’s home situations, creeping family’s social media, etc.

8. It really doesn’t matter, I guess, unless you’re claiming to be an expert.

Sometime we learn something the day before we teach it to you.


This really hit a chord with people. Lots of shared experiences. It’s great.

7. No, I really don’t.

You do not want to know how long food sits on the loading dock before it gets into the cooler.

6. I mean, it is the government.

Overwhelming majority of international trade is done by incompetent poorly trained and uneducated staff from poor countries that is also exploited .

Government checks are all corrupt, even from western countries with generally low corruption. This is by design.

It’s a miracle that ships don’t collide and sink constantly.

5. Wait there’s a code for mentally disabled people?

I work at a theme park and we use codes with number for situation that could happen in the park to not create panic, we also use codes for some category of people. Like a code 25 means there’s a fire, code 20 is for mentally disabled people.

We also use hand signals sometimes for some situations

4. Nice tips, I’d say.

Funeral Director:

You can buy a casket from Costco for 20% of the price that I’m going to sell you one for.

About 70% of the cost of the funeral is overcharging options and leading you on to feel guilty if you don’t take them.

We have a lot of fun when we don’t deal with customers, but we never have that “fun” with bodies.

3. They probably don’t even notice if it isn’t impressive.

When we take x-rays of your pelvis, we can see your penis.

And we can see your labial folds.

2. I’m not shocked but I am disappointed.

Alarm/camera tech for residential and business. The ‘monitoring center’ you pay for is a lie. There is a pretty good chance no one is responding or it is being sent to a call center handling tons of calls.

But that doesn’t matter, because the police won’t usually dispatch for unconfirmed alarms. (If at all). The gear is stupid cheap and easy to install. I literally had one day training and just looked everything up on Google or YouTube. It’s all on there, including install and override codes for most systems since the 90s. Most of the stuff they sell you is pretty worthless.

You are better off monitoring and servicing your system yourself, you can get it all on eBay for pennies what you’ll be charged by your company. Even used can be reprogrammed and set up fine. If you really want to be secure, get a good dog. But tons of you are locked into years of contracts over basically 30-40$ worth of gear.

1. This is the scariest thing I’ve read in awhile.

I’ve worked in fast food, and it is a sad reality that many workers will come to work sick, because they can’t afford to lose wages.

One year, the flu was going around town, and I think our restaurant was ground zero.

I’m honestly so surprised about some of these!

Others, not so much.

Does your job have a dirty little secret? Share with us in the comments!