13 Life Skills That Could Change or Save Your Life

There is no shortage of advice out there on how to improve or change your life. Some of it is better than others, of course, and some is straight bunk.

We think these 13 skills would be pretty useful to have, though, and not just today – for always.

13. They should teach this in high school.

Basic foundations of personal finance.

12. And if your parents suck, check your DNA.

Ask your parents if there are any medical issues in your family (cancer, diabetes, heart problems, depression, etc).

This could save your life, but it is not something commonly talked about.

11. How to get richer.

I’ve noticed that plenty of people find this simple concept counter-intuitive:

Doing somebody a favor is like earning money, not like spending money. You become richer by doing favors to people, not by getting them to do favors to you.

Money itself is just a formalized way of tracking who owes favors and who is owed favors.

10. Why?

How to bypass a lock.

It’s actually very easy to get through most locked doors. Any kind of card (license, credit card, whatever) can open a regular latch. If the door opens away from you just slide it in between the door jam and door handle. The card will slide in between the mechanism and open it. If the door opens towards you it doesn’t always work but you can slide the card in and down at an angle to get behind the latch and open it that way.

Most pad locks take less than 10 seconds to get into as well but I don’t know how to describe the technique with words

9. Have a level head.

When considering a different path, always ask:

(1) “At what cost?”

(2) *Compared to what?”

(3) ” What is the real evidence?”

8. Just cut your losses.

If something or someone is sketchy, roll out!

Will save your life for years to come…

7. If your parents didn’t teach you.

How to correctly brush your teeth.

6. It’s simple to learn.

CPR you might save someone’s life with it.

Push hard, push fast

Ribs WILL break if you’re doing it properly on an adult (it is the most bizarre creepy thing). Kids are very bendy and you may not get that sensation if you need to do CPR on them)

If you need to do CPR, the person you are doing it to is dead. You can’t make them more dead. You might be able to bring them back to life if you try. Do not feel bad if you can’t. If you fail, you didn’t kill them. They were already dead.

If you don’t have a one way valve to administer rescue breaths, STILL GIVE CHEST COMPRESSIONS. Chest compressions alone are better than nothing- you’re still pumping oxygen to the areas that need it and it will suffice until EMS/help arrives.

Giving CPR is stressful as hell. If you need to do CPR, it’s likely going to be on someone you know. Sometimes gallows humour is necessary for your brain not to freak out. Chest compressions to “Another One Bites The Dust” is the right rhythm and might get you smirking long enough to make you smirk/laugh (to yourself!) to take your mind off of what’s actually happening.

Even if a cardiac arrest happens IN hospital, their odds of survival are only about 10%- so much less so if it’s outside a hospital. I say this not to make you think “why bother” but so you know that if you are unable to resuscitate the person, it’s OK and was nothing you did wrong- by even trying CPR, you gave them their best chance at life.

5. Not ever not one word.

Don’t answer the questions of a law enforcement officer without a lawyer present.

4. Love yourself.

Your self is the only person who is guaranteed to be with you 24/7, and you can’t get rid of it.

Treat your self nicely.

3. If social interactions are hard for you.

How to talk to strangers in mundane interactions.

“Hello” “Beautiful day” “Thank you very much” “My pleasure” “Enjoy your day” “I appreciate that” “Great shoes!”

FYI It is always sage to complement a woman or mans shoes.

It’s non-sexual and show an appreciation of their fashion choice.

2. How to fix a zipper.

If it comes apart in the middle, take care that the zipped part remains zipped, and slowly but firmly move the head back down over the fault. If the split is uneven (i.e. one side between the fault and the head is longer than the other), hold the zipper at the fault and try to pull the longer side upwards through the head to make it even (all this before trying to move the head down over the fault). Unless the zipper is physically damaged, this should allow you to normally zip it back up.

If it comes completely apart where it shouldn’t (like e,g. on pants), work both sides into the head in parallel, zip it up and sew or otherwise fix the bottom to prevent it happening again.

If it’s not running smoothly and tends to get stuck, rub it with soap.

1. Doing this right now.

It probably won’t take that little time, but you can learn to manually mentally release the muscles in your head that cause tension headaches.

Good luck figuring it out because finding the method is hard due to the fact that you have to make an effort to stop the muscles’ efforts; so you have to apply a sense of letting go like a clenched fist relaxing to the muscles.

When you start to get it, there is a feeling of relief, and like the back top of your throat behind where your tongue can touch relaxes and lowers a bit.

It helps a lot, once you can notice and let got of those headaches, and it helps with fever headaches, but you have to constantly maintain focus to keep them relaxed so the pain from the heightened blood pressure(due to inflammation) is cut in half.

I need to start learning how to do some of these things; I’m not getting any younger!

Which of these do you think is first on your list? Tell us in the comments!