13 Memes For Teachers Who Are Totally With It

Source: PringlePenguin1 on Reddit

I think we all agree teachers have a tough job. They have things to teach and students who can be resistant to learning.

So, what do they do? They make memes. Big memes, small memes, funny memes and meme memes!

Okay, we don’t really know what that last one is, but here are 13 pretty funny ones!

1. We accept your invitation.

But we also politely and regrettably decline.

My teacher inviting me to join the online class from FellowKids

2. Cite your sources.

Unless you want to look like the Unbelievable Hulk.

My english class teacher put this up… from FellowKids

3. Teachers making Shakespeare look cool.

Since 1564. Or around that time. 😉

my new english teachers PowerPoint about LITerature from FellowKids

4. That’s because of the loaded word “Classroom.”

They should’ve named it Google Video Game Room.

My teacher posted this on Google Classroom from FellowKids

5. Accurate.

I’ve often shed tears over this very same issue.

My math teachers terrible meme, just read it a couple of times it gets worse from FellowKids

6. Freud approves of this message.

He would also like to ask you about your childhood.

My psychology teacher decided to put this gem in our revision books from FellowKids

7. A for effort.

C for execution.

My Teacher trying to make one of those meme things from FellowKids

8. Parent-child relationships are not representative republics.

But children don’t pay taxes.

At least this one’s decent from FellowKids

9. You can’t unsee this one.

“Iceberg. Right ahead.”

My math teacher, sadly not her first time from FellowKids

10. The Louisiana Purchase was a bargain.

Remember the purchase price? Four-cents an acre.

I found this in a recent slideshow for history class from FellowKids

11. It’s a classroom, not a club.

And a bath in Axe does not replace a shower.

This poster had nothing to do with the class it’s by from FellowKids

12. Believe in your selfie.

Now go destroy Voldemort.

Found this in my English class from FellowKids

13. I’m so ogre this one.

But now everyone has to follow the rules. You have no other choice.

Found this in my class. I think my teacher got too the Shrek memes from FellowKids

These funny memes get an A-grade. It’s pure genius to use them to get students listening and learning.

They’re impossible to ignore and the message is loud and clear: laugh or fail.

Which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comments.