13 Memes That Are Painfully Accurate for Anyone Working From Home

Has anybody else completely gone off the deep end yet? With every Zoom meeting that passes, I can feel 40 more of my brain cells dying. I truly think that we are all going to lose our grasp on reality – or what we knew of it.

Anyone working from home right now knows the struggle I’m talking about. It’s hard to stay motivated or even feel like you’re employed when you can wear Hello Kitty pajamas all day.

Check out these 13 memes that are painfully accurate for anyone working from home.

1. It’s too early for this sh*t

Coffee before communication, please.

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2. Everything is fine

At least the system is sometimes an escape from the universe falling apart around us as we speak.

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3. My kind of online dating

I always have time to look for the right kind of guy.

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4. This one

A lot of these meetings could’ve just been emails.

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5. Why

We’re all going to open other tabs during this meeting anyway.

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6. When those lines start to get blurred

This one rips my soul open.

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7. Spa day!

I’ve 100% done a face mask during some conference calls.

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8. My worst nightmare

Please, no – I’ve learned how to live without.

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9. Guilty here

Okay, but I’m doing work at the same time, so…

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10. Literally desperate at this point

We’ll make it work.

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11. Yay, privacy

Yeah, I’m so glad I can reliable hyperventilate in the comfort of my own home now.

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12. I’m living for the drama

If I’m putting myself at risk of getting COVID-19, I’m absolutely going out with a bang – Sue Sylvester style.

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13. The passive aggressive emails get even worse

If I have to type “no worries” when someone has to reschedule last minute one more time, I might explode.

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Working from home is definitely making me clinically insane. Don’t get my wrong, I’m grateful that I’m gainfully employed – but the struggle is real.

Do you have any totally relatable work from home memes? Share with us in the comments below!