13 Memes That Pair Perfectly With Your Morning Cuppa

There are good ways to start your day, bad ways to start your day, and just ways to start your day, and here’s the thing – only you know the difference!

If memes are your go-to way to wake up with a smile, then grab your coffee or tea and settle in for these 14 surefire giggles!

13. A nice little groan for you.

That’s one way to wake up those vocal cords.

12. This is a whole mood.

My everyday mood these days; how about you?

11. A little dark humor goes a long way.

It’s just what you need on some days, am I right?

14. I have been training my whole life for this.

I am immortal via cheese.

9. It’s true; I’ve seen it.

Sometimes it is more impressive than others, I’ll give you that.

8. It’s like Christmas on a random day.

Except you don’t have to buy crap for other people.

7. Who needs to sleep, anyway?

Some things are more important!

6. You all know this is true.

Don’t fight the Steve Irwin love.

5. You knew it was going to be bad.

But you just couldn’t help yourself, could you?

4. This horrifying moment takes place at least once a week.

Thanks, Steve Jobs.

3. Please, please caption this.

I have no idea where to start, but I’m pretty sure it’s also an episode of Seinfeld. Or it should have been.

2. Because boss DNA is coded to be a d*ck.

Never be late. Be early. Don’t give them an excuse.

1. Walk the line, my friends.

It’s the only way to live life, honestly.

I’m feeling revved up and recharged, how about you?

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