13 Pictures That Might Make You Guffaw (That’s a Fancy Laugh)

Image Credit: Tumblr

Some days, you just need a laugh. It doesn’t matter where it comes from (as long as it’s not at the expense of others), and it doesn’t matter how silly it is, either.

You never can tell ahead of time what might inspire a good case of the giggles, but we think these 13 pictures have a great shot at doing just that.

13. This made me laugh, sure…

But also retch a little?

[Legit] Delicious hand soup from BoneAppleTea

12. There are so many things wrong here.

Where to start, where to start…

Image Credit: Tumblr

11. Just when you think it can’t get worse.

Not a single thing right. Not one. single. thing.

free hotel breakfast in alabama from excgarated

10. I wonder if this tastes better than spinach-with-an-a.

Sometimes a vowel really can make a difference.

Image Credit: Facebook

9. Good thing no one was planning to smork.

Also, the people that busted out a label maker but didn’t use spell check slay me.

Smorking from excgarated

8. A third way to spell ketchup?

Why not? It’s not like anyone knows the right way.

Image Credit: Tumblr

7. It’s only missing one letter, but it looks so wrong.

That ‘a’ is really important, I guess.

Image Credit: Twitter

6. This is…not at all what oatmeal is supposed to be.

A lot of vegans are going to be scandalized.

5. And here you didn’t think there could be anything less appetizing than chicken nuggets.

Let me introduce you to these bad boys.

4. I have a lot of questions, guys.

Starting not with the misspell, but why someone felt the need to label it in the first place?

Image Credit: Tumblr

3. I just spent way too long trying to decide how to pronounce this.

“You don’t say it, son, you eat it!”

2. They used the label maker and everything.

Such confidence.

Image Credit: Twitter

1. Oh, come on, you know what they mean.

Everyone calls those things by different names, anyway, but they are all just as dusty and sweet.

Image Credit: Pinterest

I just love those big, unexpected laughs – they really get you!

I hope you’re finding reasons to giggle and teehee these days, too!

Have you ever encountered anything like this in the wild? Drop us a comment or a pic or BOTH!

Hugs and kisses!