13 Funny Memes About Words That Nerds Are Gonna Love

Words and language can be super interesting, and when you’re talking about English, the ways to subvert them to your own purposes are many. If you’re clever, if you think linguistics can be amusing, if you’re always ready for a good play on words, well…you’re cool in my book.

And also, you’re just the person to enjoy these 13 memes.

13. This is actually a fact.

You can prove it every single day if you want to!

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12. This didn’t go where I thought it would.

And for that I am forever grateful.

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11. I’m going to go ahead and rule in favor of this.

It might not be literal, but yeah, people haven’t changed.

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10. Who is this genius?

We need to know so we can credit his/her/their work.

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9. I will never not love this factoid.

Also it will never not make me mad.

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8. There’s no good explanation, really.

But I mean…ask the big man, Noah.

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7. I vote that we use this from now on.

Circuses are terrible for animals but endlessly entertaining from a human perspective.

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6. The French just take everything one step too far.

Except food. They’ve never gone too far there.

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5. Some people have way too much time on their hands.

And the rest of us are so, so glad that they do.

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4. This person should get a bonus human prize.

Or at least an A.

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3. This may be one of the bigger wastes of my time.

And yet, I’m not the least bit upset.

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2. There’s a lot about hockey that’s inherently funny.

Like, morbidly, watching blood bounce on ice.

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1. Why would anyone try to stop you?

I can no longer remember how we used to pronounce it.

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I am also the person to enjoy these 13 memes, and boy did I.

Which was your favorite and why? Let’s compare notes in the comments!