14 Word-Loving Memes for Logophiles

Source: aziraphalesbian on Tumblr

One of the reasons that words are so amazing is that you can just do so much with them. They can evoke literally any kind of emotion you want, and in the case of these 14 memes, they’re definitely twisting themselves into knots just for a laugh!

So come on, fellow word nerds – follow me down list list of memes for some giggles!

14. Definitely holding onto this for reference.


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13. Man, were those the days or what?

Why aren’t there book fairs for adults?

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12. Just a few facts for ya.

Shakespeare would make fun of his pretentious fans so hard.

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11. It is kind of delicious, isn’t it?

Unless you’re trying to learn English, that is.

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10. Read this list twice.

All too common mistakes.

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9. This does not please me at all.

I want it to stop but it just keeps going.

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8. This might be one of my favorite posts of all time.

Librarians are the real American heroes.

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7. I bet you could do this for days.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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6. This is the nerdiest thing I’ve seen in awhile.

I’m thrilled that so many people piled on.

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5. I could get behind this sentiment, for sure.

I mean honestly I like the other queen okay too.

4. No one can resist that new book smell.

It’s made of glue, paper, and magic.

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3. I identify with this pretty hard.

What’s the point of having these things if you can’t smell them?

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2. …are we sure we’re not all dyslexic.

Words are so weird and wild but they’ve got nothing on brains.

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1. Some people won’t like this at all.

It’s still objectively funny though.

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I am completely delighted that each and every one of these exists!

Which one was your favorite? Let’s compare in the comments!