13 Men Admit the Things They Didn’t Know They Were Doing Wrong Until They Lived With Women

If you’re a male and you’ve never lived with a female before, let me tell you from experience…

You got a lot to learn!

And that’s not an insult, it’s just a FACT.

So let’s hear from men on AskReddit about what they didn’t realize they were doing wrong until they moved in with women.

Enjoy! And pay attention!

1. Towels 101.

“You can’t just use towels for generic tasks, specific towels have specific purposes.

Failure to comply is sacrilege and punishable by immediate scolding.”

2. Gently…

“When I get into bed, I lie down too hard, causing the bed to shake v**lently.

I have since learned to lie down more gently.”

3. Workin’ on it.

“I didn’t actually know how to communicate my feelings.

Also, I learned how to give gifts that are meaningful.”

4. Self-care.

“Pretty much how to take care of my hair and skin better.

For example I put coconut oil in my hair before I go swimming. I learned this from a girlfriend I had in Hawaii.

Apparently it helps seal moisture in as well as protect your hair from damage. Whatever it does, my hair gets softer, smoother and bigger after it dries. I swear it never looked so fabulous in my life.”

5. Who knew?

“Not drying off in the shower before stepping on the bath mat, therefore minimizing how wet the bath mat gets.”

6. Never enough.

“That my bed can’t have just the one pillow.

Apparently I need a million of them.”

7. There you go!

“Apparently shampoo goes on the scalp and conditioner goes on the loose hair, not the other way around!”

8. You’re learning.

“I’ve learned a lot of good stuff, like caring for various things.

For example how to properly store fruits and vegetables so that they don’t go bad, how to take care of textiles/clothes so that they can be used for longer etc.

Also that I didn’t eat nearly enough fiber before. Loads of things. People say that their girlfriends nag a lot but honestly there’s a lot of good stuff to be learned if you just listen.”

9. Nice and clean.

“How good it feels to keep my home organized and clean. After living with my now ex-wife for six years, I can’t help but do deep cleans for my mental health.

I really appreciate a solid vacuum cleaner, I feel better keeping wires off the floor, I’m proud of my undersink collection of cleaners and spare sponges (change out your dishwashing sponges 🧽 regularly!)

I loaded up on 30+ microfiber cloths from Home Depot so I’m never without a way to clean up dust/messes, and I Konmari the s**t out of my belongings on a regular basis for great relief.”

10. Treat yourself.

“Bed Sheets.

I used to cheap out, but pampering yourself in nice bed sheets makes it feel like you’re staying at a fancy hotel every night.”

11. She was right.

“Seasoning meat.

And was she right, it needs some spices on it.”

12. A woman’s touch.

“Decorating and convenience items.

Before I started dating my place was a fairly bare bones setup. Had rooms set up for function over comfort and now the rooms just feel more welcoming and inviting. Pillows everywhere of all different textures. Art and random colorful thing hung on the wall.

Because of her I’ve found love for a good bathrobe. It’s kind of impressive how much a woman’s touch changes things.”


“How to do laundry, cook, wash dishes, clean the room, save bills.

Anything I’m now doing for living is taught by women who lived with me.”

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