People Share the Life Hacks They Use in Their Daily Routine

We can all use as many life hacks as possible these days, you know what I’m saying?

You know I’m speaking the truth!

And today we’re gonna get a healthy dose of life hacks that we should consider incorporating into our daily routines.

Let’s take a look!

1. Pills.

“I flip my pill bottles after taking them so I remember if I took them or not.

Really helps if you take the same pill in morning and at night.”

2. Yes!

“Sleeping with a pillow between my knees.

No more lower back pain.”

3. Keep it separate.

“I stopped doing any kind of work in my dorm room at college and only did it at the libraries. Not only did I become way more productive, but I enjoyed being in my room a lot more.

It’s way more comfortable (and easier) to fall asleep when you’ve taken a 15 minute walk home then when you’ve been working at your desk in the same room for 4 hours.”

4. Keep it clean.

“Washing dishes while cooking.

Now it’s at a point where I just do it because I want a clean kitchen.”

5. Nice and simple.

“I bought 24 pairs of the same socks and threw the rest of miss matching ones away.

I have a couple “winter socks” and that’s it.”

6. Helpful.

“Saying “thank you” instead of apologizing for things that dont need apologies. I’m a chronic apologizer and it’s helped a lot.

For example, if I have a bad day and vent to my husband, instead of saying “sorry for venting and bringing down the mood” I’ll say “thank you for listening and being supportive.”

It puts a much more appreciative and positive light on your relationships!”

7. Time to get up.

“My alarm clock is across the room, requiring me to get out of bed to turn it off.

Prevents me from falling back asleep.”

8. Good one.

“I brush my teeth as part of my daughter’s bedtime routine.

This keeps me from snacking late at night since my teeth already feel clean and I don’t want to mess them up before bed.

I’ve lost about 5″ from my waist, and it keeps me accountable to brush my teeth before I’m too tired to care.”

9. Cleaning break.

“A work from home life hack I adopted was using break time from work to do low mental energy chores.

Stuff like dusting furniture and vacuuming the pool is a nice break from the mental energy of working and I’m getting stuff done.”

10. Sleep is good.

“Getting all the sleep I need. I noticed a while back how literally everything is better when I am well rested and I don’t care if people make fun of me for sleeping 9h every night.

I have never pulled an all nighter in college and when I do hikes that start really early I just go to bed for the night in the late afternoon the day before and still get my sleep. Nothing standing between me and my bed.”

11. Make your own rules.

“You dont have to follow the rules.

Doing half the dishes is better than doing none. Having a clean hamper and a dirty hamper is completely acceptable. Nobody said the socks in your drawer had to be paired up, either.

Focus on one thing in general and apply it to the whole house that day, like just do floors or surfaces. There’s nothing wrong with your kids being bored sometimes, that’s their problem. Let them figure it out, but don’t limit what they’re able to do. You don’t have to “pick” what to have for dinner every night, we rotate through staples every week.

If we get bored, we just eat what we feel like. Nothing wrong with a bowl of cereal and a sandwich for dinner, as long as everyone’s fed and the rest of the day wasn’t junk.”

12. Off to a good start.

“Taking my dog for a 20 min. walk first thing in the morning to get my brain and body moving

Filling a water bottle and leaving it on the kitchen counter before bed so I’ll remember to chug it first thing in the morning. My day is completely different when I start it off well-hydrated.”

Do you have any life hacks you can lay on us?

If so, please tell us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!