What Information Do You Know That Feels Like It’s Almost Illegal to Know? People Responded.

I guess we all have some kind of information that we feel like we probably shouldn’t have, right?

But what do you do with that info…? That is the question…?

AskReddit users talked about the information they have that feels like it’s almost illegal.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Check it out.

“There is a book called “100 Deadly Skills” that teaches you how to do all sorts of potentially illegal stuff.”

2. Thief!

“I don’t know if it’s still a thing, but if you listen to Pandora radio the songs download into your temp folder under your browser.

Just add the. Mp4 after it and you can play it.

I spent lots of college listening to Pandora, and if I liked a song I’d save it.

If you paused the song in time then the most recent song was the top one in the temp folder.”

3. I got it on tape.

“In Canada you can record any conversation with someone without their knowledge, unless it is in furtherance of an offence.

I had to do this with an auto restoration shop in order to do a Visa chargeback when they did nothing to my car but steal parts for almost a year (Curtis Customs in Nova Scotia – I don’t mind mentioning them because there are already news stories about their scams).”

4. Muddy the waters.

“When companies ask for your name/age/s**/race/occupation/salary/etc. you can just lie.

You’ll never be able to remove the information about yourself off the internet, but you can muddy the water quite a bit.”

5. Inked up.

“That in Ireland there is no legal age to get tattoo.

Legally you can tattoo a newborn as long as the parents consent.

We can get done for bodily harm to a minor if their is no consent.

We have an industry standard of 16 with parent or 18 with ID.

I’m a tattooist in Ireland.”

6. Keep it down!

“I had a stats prof who used to work for the US government.

I’m not sure exactly what his job was, but it definitely involved evaluating the status and readiness of nukes, both ours and the USSR’s (he was probably at least 70 and had been retired from that job for a while). One day in class he just started talking about the percentage of nukes that fail (ours and theirs) and why they fail and all kinds of other, seemingly sensitive, information.

I don’t think he would have told us anything classified, but his personality was boisterous and irreverent enough that I am not sure. I literally expected a team of spooks to bust down the door at any minute and drag us all off for interviews in windowless rooms.”

7. Great…

“The last airplane you rode was likely assembled with parts not fully conforming to qc standards but passed through inspection anyways.”

8. Wow!

“If you rent out your home for 14 or fewer days a year, you do not have to pay taxes on this income….Section 280A(g) of the Internal Revenue Code.”

9. FYI.

“Most large retail employers don’t have a policy against recording your interactions with your bosses.”

10. Interesting…

“When I was a kid, my dad taught me how to pick a lock.

I became very interested in different kinds of locks and purchased a lock pick set.

I practiced for years and became pretty good at certain types of locks.

So over the years every now and then, if a neighbor locks themselves out of the house or a friend loses the key to a padlock or a lock box I’ve been able to help.

But the reactions I tend to get from people, even while I’m helping them with their lock is mainly one of mistrust.

I’m not a cat burglar. I just like locks.”

11. Thank you!

“You can ask scientists for their research paper that you usually have to pay money to view in a journal.

They are allowed to just email it to you no questions asked and they like to do it!”

12. That’s not good.

“Police are allowed to lie to you.

So are military recruiters.”

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