13 Men Share the Creepiest Thing Women Ever Said to Them

People spend a lot of time these days talking about the various ways men creep out women, and I think that is totally warranted.

But today we’re gonna flip the script and hear from men on AskReddit about the creepiest things they’ve ever heard from women.

This should be interesting…

1. Welcome to the Bronx.

“I had a gal tell me she was gonna follow me home and “f**k the dog s**t” out of me whether I wanted it or not.

For context I was living in the Bronx at the time. I heard s**t like that all the time.”

2. Gonna have to pass.

“I worked at a caviar bar in SF and it was basically cougar bait.

One time this relatively older lady said “you look just like my son. You should come home with me.””

3. Weirdo.

““I h**e to tell you this but l had to have an ab**tion; and it was yours.”

We never did more than kiss. I mean I’m a pretty solid kisser but not THAT good.”

4. Hahahaha.

“Drunk woman with an older lady nearby sat down next to me on a bench and looked at me “I’ll f**k you if you can beat up my mom over there”.”

5. Fatal attraction.

““If I see you in ten years with a different woman and you’re married, I will k**l her and you in your sleep”. That was after I dumped my ex.

That is definitely in the top 10 of creepiest things I’ve been told.”

6. That is terrible.

“A girl once told me that she was jealous of her friend because she got r**ed and got a cute baby out of it.

I don’t think I ever felt less comfortable.”

7. Psychopath.

“Had an ex who routinely threatened to cut it off.

Any chance she got, she would have her hands on it and sometimes would say things like, “If you ever cheat on me, I’ll cut you d**k off” and “If I could cut it off and keep it in a jar, I wouldn’t need you anymore”.

I would wake up with her holding onto it while looking at me. Crazy af but yeah…”

8. Yes, it would be.

““Would it be weird if my son called you ‘Dad?’”

I was 18, she was 25, we were coworkers at a Walmart photo lab and she said that to me on the phone while I was walking to her place to hook up for the first time.

I was young and horny and simply said, “no, no.. he’d just be wrong!””

9. Stalker.

“When I was younger I worked in a bar popular with 18-20 year olds.

One night as a group of girls was leaving I made eye contact with one of them. That was enough.

She came stumbling up to the bar and said.

“I have to show you the background on my phone.”

She put her phone on the bar and the background was a picture of me.

“I took it about 3 weeks ago, I’m totally obsessed. You’re photo is the last thing I see before I go to sleep and the first thing I see when I wake up.””

10. Totally normal conversation.

“Back in college I was at a study group and I found myself talking to this girl. Just talking about class and eventually just talking about random other stuff like life at school and favorite places to eat nearby.

Then after a moment of silence she tells me that she wants to see me fight off a group of guys trying to attack her and she’d hold me while I was beaten up and bleeding on the floor.

I mean just randomly dropping that on someone when a minute ago we were talking about best places to get cheap food is a bit much.”

11. Creep.

“Some woman asked me to stick my tongue out and then said you gonna make someone really happy with that big tongue of yours.

I was 9…”

12. Uh oh.

“Was on a nearly empty plane, sitting in the last row, in a window seat. No one else in the row. I eventually fell asleep.

Woke up with a tatted up goth looking chick sitting next to me, eyes boring a hole through my head, just straight up staring unblinkingly at me. I look at her and I’m like “uh… hi?”

She stares for like 5 more long seconds and then exhales, “sorry, you looked like an angel sleeping with the sun on your face” she said breathlessly. We chatted for maybe another 30 seconds or so, she apologized for staring like that a couple more times, then she went back to her seat.

S**t was surreal though.”

13. Bad trip.

“Did some mushrooms when I was like 18 or so.

Sat in the town center and the local crazy lady asked me “so how long have you been d**d?”.

F**ked my whole day up man.”

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