13 Millennials Admit What They Regret Not Doing Earlier in Life

I really wish I had been more focused on work when I was in my twenties but you can’t go back and change time, right?

And in that decade I did get to do some great traveling and saw a lot of cool things.

But still, part of me thinks I wasted a lot of time…

Let’s see what Millennials had to say about what they regret not doing earlier in their lives.

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1. Career-oriented.

“I wish I had planned my career better when I was still in school.

I wish I had dared go for the things I really wanted, and not the «safe» choice.

Now I’m in my late 30’s with two unrelated degrees, both useless due to different things.”

2. Shy guy.

“I wish I had formed more meaningful relationships in high school, but I struggled with shyness and other issues with family and being a teenager.”

3. Let it build.

“Holding my 401ks and saving them instead of selling them.

If you leave a company and have a 401k, just roll it over into an IRA, don’t sell it.

Let that s**t build.”

4. Do what you want.

“Caring what others think.

I used to see that advice all the time when i was younger, and i’m only now starting to be able to do it.

Pick up new hobbies even if you suck at them, try new styles even if it takes a bit to make it your own, don’t be afraid to do stuff alone.”

5. Hookin’ up.

“Wish I would have taken some time off in between high school and pursuing my bachelors.

Also wish I would have gone to a trade school, not necessarily for a career, but to have some genuinely useful skills.

Also wish I had more short term relationships and hookups.”

6. A solid list.

“I wish I spent more time being productive with friends, family, and my finances.

Invest more. Spend quality time with loved ones. Try more new things.”

7. Better late than never.

“I wish I’d been open to the idea that I had a legit mental illness and wasn’t just lazy.

I could have started the process of managing s**t much sooner.”

8. Do your thing.

“I wish I had come out of the closet earlier, gotten healthy earlier, and known how to stand up for myself earlier instead of letting employers, relatives, and friends abuse my time, energy, and compromise my self worth.”

9. You got time!

“Saving for retirement in my 20s.

It would have been tight, but I could have saved a little.

Just getting started at 32 and feeling behind.”

10. Making up for lost time.

“I spent a lot of prime years not having fun.

First concert at 24, first airplane trip at 30. I’m better off in some ways because of it, but by the time I started making memories, it was clear how behind I was on general life experience.

Making up for it now.”

11. The safe route.

“I took a lot of “safe routes” because I was afraid of failure. I had the opportunity to move to Chicago or Los Angeles to stay with friends while finding work, but I was too afraid.

I had to opportunity to go build schools in Africa, but I was afraid that it would mess up my academic trajectory. I had the opportunity to tour with a band in a sh**ty bus, but I was worried it would mess up a potential career. All awesome opportunities I shouldn’t have given up on.

If you’re younger than me reading this, when you have a choice to make, choose the option that will make your life bigger and better.”

12. Focus!


I’m not stupid but I did rubbish in my exams, I didn’t study. I bought a house young which was a good investment but never made it a home.

I have a decent job but I could be way further on in my career.”

13. A big one.

“Not running my credit score into the ground.

My dad was the only one who ever talked to me about it but he was always pushy with everything so I never listed to his good advice.

It’s so easy to ruin and you don’t realize it can take forever to get it back up to a score that will actually help you.”

What do you regret not doing earlier in life?

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