13 Non-Americans Talk About Their Favorite American Foods

The land of the brave and the home of the…hot dog? Hamburger?

The possibilities are endless!

And today we’re going to hear from people who aren’t from the U.S. about their favorite American foods.

Let’s see what they had to say!

1. In the bayou.

“Cajun food.

Definitely the most unique American food.”

2. Boom!

“A made from scratch Mac & Cheese with at least 3 different cheeses plus a crispy breadcrumb crust on top is one of my favorite American dishes.”

3. Let’s eat!

“I’m from Mexico and we get spoiled with our traditional cuisine but I found the thanksgiving dinner experience in the US incredible.

Love everything, the turkey (dark meat 🙂 ), cranberry sauce, the stuffing (oh the stuffing), mashed potatoes, salads and the delicious pays that follow for dessert.

That whole combination plus the red wine and good company is an incredible experience hard to match.”

4. Yummy.

“I love American breakfast food. Honestly I think they have breakfast down pat.

But holy c**p what I really appreciate are PIZZA ROLLS. God bless the Americans for pizza rolls.”

5. Casseroles are the bomb.

“I had a corn casserole and a green bean casserole at a friend’s parents’ house for the first time when I was 18 for thanksgiving.

That s**t slapped.

I fell in love instantly and still makes casseroles every year for thanksgiving. I lived in China before I came to the US.”

6. The view from Spain.

“Spaniard who lives in the States for six years.

I liked apple pie, pastrami on rye sandwiches, Tex Mex, all the things you do with sweet potatoes, virtually any item at a Waffle House, bagels, Reuben sandwiches, chicken and waffles, cheesecake, s’mores, chocolate chip cookies, buffalo wings.”

7. It’s an institution.

“I took my German uncle to Waffle House when he visited, I swear that man ordered every item on the menu.

Out of all the restaurants we went to, WH is the only one he still talks about.”

8. BBQ.

“Anything smoked: brisket, pork shoulder, chicken, turkey.

I’ve even had smoked burgers.

If seasoned well you don’t even need BBQ sauce and it is so tender and juicy.”

9. Hmmm…

“I’m British and growing up visiting Florida I would love eating raw cookie dough from the refrigerator section.”

10. Whatever you say…


That s**t is LIFE CHANGING.”

11. B&G.

“From a Scottish friend of mine: chicken-fried steak with biscuits and gravy.

Gotta appreciate it when a Scot compliments another countries deep frying.”

12. Soul food.

“As a guy who moved here, Americans have got cornbread down to a T. Combined with some soul food? Makes me smile on the inside.

Gives me high blood pressure, but smile on the inside, too.”

13. Delicious.

“Given the level of Mexican food in Europe generally, Tex Mex is insane compared to what we get over here.”

What do you think are the best American foods?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks a lot!