13 Normal Baby Names You Definitely Not Want to Name a Baby in 2020

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Baby names are tricky; some parents want their kids to have a unique name, while others want a timeless one.

But nobody can predict the future, and some names that were completely normal in the past would make for horrible names today.

On AskReddit, users brainstormed some completely “normal” names that would, nonetheless, be cruel to name a child in 2020.

1. Isis.

“Isis (after the Egyptian goddess).

There was a case where a woman got into trouble because she wanted her daughters name on a Nutella jar (there was this service where you can print whatever name you want on the jar) and they refused because her daughters name was Isis.”

2. Gay.

“I worked with a woman named Gay.

“Hello, I’m Gay” communicates something different today than when she was born (she was an older lady).”

3. Alexa or Siri.

“My name is Alexa…it lowkey sucks.

But I always tell people it was my name first ??”

I’ve perfected the “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that” response.”

4. BJ.

“My initials are BJM.

I have to use all three letters, otherwise I’m either a bl**job or a bowel movement.”

5. Elsa.

“I’m so sad about this.

My wife and I have talked about that name for our girl (if we have one) for the past DECADE.

Might still go for it anyways, but it’ll be an uphill battle explaining that one for a while…”

6. Ivanka.

“My mum’s name is Ivanka and people always bring up Ivanka Trump, which is extremely annoying to her.”

7. Katrina.

“Lmao my mother is named Katrina.

She gets more than annoyed about hurricane jokes.”

8. Dick.

“Lots of old people named Dick. But nowadays?”

“I have never met anyone actually named “Dick.” It’s short for Richard. But there’s other nicknames for Richard: Rick, Rich, Ricky, etc., that will work fine.”

9. Adolf.

“I come from a long line of German Adolfs that mysteriously switched to Alfred somewhere in the mid 20th century.”

10. Karen.

“My wife is named Karen, but spells it Karyn.

I think all this Karen stuff from the last few years is hilarious; the stereotype is nothing like her.”

11. Chad.

“Chad is incel code for mega dudes who get laid 24/7.”

12. Jeffrey.

“Bad enough it was associated with Dahmer.

Now Epstein.”

13. Donald.

“The name Donald has pretty much been ruined.”

“Depends on your political orientation.”

I didn’t realize how many of these names are kind of cancelled now, right?

I mean… I’m sure a fair amount of people are naming their kids Elsa, though. But the other ones… not so much.

Do you have any names to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!