13 of the Best Movie Scenes of All Time

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Movies can make you laugh, cry, or even sometimes learn something. These fantastic film sequences are just what we need for a good dose of escapism.

Check out 13 of the greatest movie scenes ever committed to film!

1. Do The Right Thing

The racist stereotype sequence illustrates how everyone holds fast to their own judgements until DJ Señor Love Daddy calls for a literal time out.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

2. Call Me by Your Name

Against a swoonworthy backdrop of Italy in the summertime, Professor Pearlman advices Elio to experience life to the fullest while he’s still young enough to appreciate it.

3. The Dark Knight

The bank robbery sequence tells us everything we need to know about the Joker’s personality right from the beginning—he’s a man who just wants to watch the world burn.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

4. 1917

A soldier risks life and limb to get a live-saving message to the front lines in real time and runs through an abandoned village as bombs throw the perfect balance of light and shadow around him. Gorgeous and terrifying at the same time.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

5. Singing In The Rain

Legendary hoofer Gene Kelly plays silent film star Don Lockwood, who splashes and dances his way through puddles as he realizes he’s lovestruck.

Photo Credit: Metro Goldwyn Mayer

6. Psycho

The moment we realize that Mrs. Bates isn’t who we thought she was and neither is Norman. (Hint, hint!)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

7. The Shawshank Redemption

In a daring escape through the sewers of Shawshank Prison, lifer Andy Dufresne is washed clean of his sins.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

8. The Truman Show

Truman walks away from the televised world into the unknown, as we, the audience, watch his public finale.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

9. The Apartment

With a cracked compact mirror, Baxter realizes that Fran is also broken.

Photo Credit: MGM Studios

10. The Color Purple

After years of abuse, Ceilie finally stands up against Master.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

11. Ben-Hur

All the thrills, chills and spills of a Roman chariot race in one of the greatest actions sequences in history.

Photo Credit: MGM Studios

12. Us

The final fight between Adelaide and Red ends with a twist that we don’t see coming. Who’s really who here?

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

13. Inglourious Basterds

Hans Landa’s measured interrogation of a French dairy farmer leaves audiences—and the hidden Dreyfus family—on the edge of their seats with every word.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Fans and critics agree that these are undoubtedly some of the greatest scenes filmdom has to offer.

What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!