13 of the Biggest Fails We Could Find on the Internet

Now, I know your mama said that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all, but I don’t think that applies to laughing at people on the internet, do you?

Especially not people who have posted their, utter glorious fails for the world to see – and these 13 are absolutely epic.

13. That girl has an airtight case.

The last part is quite the dig.

12. This woman is a hero.

Her pure joy is life.

11. Words are hard.

They’re harder the more age things you have, too.

Image Credit: Instagram

10. Make it stop.

Please, someone.


9. A really fancy one.

Or you know, not one at all.

8. And suddenly the stage name makes sense.

For a couple of reasons.

7. This is very clever.

Also now you know she has sparkly underwear at least?

6. When you know, you know.

There’s nothing good for you here.

5. Explanations were required.

I hope apologies were accepted.

4. I have a lot of questions.

Probably not as many as their teacher, though.

3. What a complete arse.

Seriously, good riddance.


2. Hilarious.

She’s got better things to do, obviously.

1. Wow. Really hit the jackpot there.

Someone isn’t getting paid enough. Or too much.

Image Credit: Twitter

I am dead, y’all. We try so hard.

What’s the biggest fail you’ve ever had? If you’re able to laugh about it now, share the story with us in the comments!