16 People Share Their Most Hilarious Fails And Things That Went Wrong

Nobody’s life is perfect, no matter what your friends on Instagram or Facebook try to show you. We all have ups and downs, good days and bad…and sometimes the best way to get through the latter are to be able to laugh at your fails.

Or, in the case of these 16 people, to let the internet laugh at your fails right along with you.

16. It’s only as hard as you make it.

That’s what she said.

15. Guys this sounds serious.

Definitely stay home if there are carnivores about…

14. Unless they’re paying to take mine?

Because in that case, where do I sign?

13. The good stuff is really hard to find.

My favorite basil scent has been sold out forever.

12. Tough love is still love.

That’s what the internet is there for. Sometimes.

11. It’s aged as well as stinky cheese.

This is a hilarious callout of oneself.

10. Honesty is a quality.

Good or bad depends on the moment, I think.

9. I’m sure she’ll love you just as much.

Maybe more, tbh.

8. We’re all trying to forget what year it is.

Real talk, kid.

7. I tell you what, it’s going to take a lot more than that.

A case, if you’ve got it.

6. Just assume they’re flailing about your work.

Or possibly having a seizure, in which case, hope they’re okay.

5. Why is none of this surprising?

This year is seriously the worst.

4. I mean. Ouch.

That reply is everything though.

3. Definitely just have him leave that order at the door.

Don’t want to take any chances.

2. Does anyone really “own” a duck?

Please don’t answer that I don’t want to know, Joey.

1. Oh dear bless his heart.

At least he didn’t try to fake it.

I love when people share things like this – it makes me feel so normal for once!

What’s your biggest fail of the summer? Share with us in the comments!