13 of the Internet’s Most Cringeworthy Design Fails

Marketing strategies make or break a business. That’s why there are entire degrees dedicated to graphic design.

Sometimes, an at-home DIY design can take a pretty cringe-worthy turn. Here are 13 facepalm-inducing design fails that sure to make you ask – what the heck were these people thinking?

While we’re at it, here are some more epic fails to tickle your fancy.

1. That’s messy

Whatever she’s having – I don’t want it.

Kind of a crappy design if you ask me
byu/i_like_miniwheats indesignfails

2. Grammar?

Not quite sure how one’s supposed to read this. Every combination I’ve tried makes no sense.

We’re You’re Not ‘Til Not Happy?
byu/FanTASticGeronimo indesignfails

3. Liquids!

Orange milk is my favorite.

Yess milk
byu/Padroram indesignfails

4. Just slightly off

That’s one way to get into the holiday spirit.

[deleted by user]
by inShittyDesign

5. This is so unfortunate

I guess it makes the library a little bit more exciting.

My local library uses the three last letters of authors names
byu/Relskib inShittyDesign

6. That’s unfortunate

Well, at least they’re honest about their product.

Yes, Ew.
byu/Mytheetharedead indesignfails

7. This is the future

I can’t wait until we finally splice enough of our DNA with AI to do this.

Click here on a newspaper
byu/i_like_miniwheats indesignfails

8. In a quarantined world

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Feel like this should be here
byu/BluelightTheCursed indesignfails

9. Interesting placement

Not sure what Sanrio was trying to go for here.

The New Hello Kitty Water Cooler Is…..Interesting.
byu/boy_on_a_string inShittyDesign

10. Thank you, Captain Obvious

Seriously, do people proofread any of this stuff?

Hmm yes, the floor here is made out of floor
by indesignfails

11. Oh no

I guess this is a concert you’ll never forget?

Ohhhhh, you mean Capital JAzz Fest
byu/neuroticsmurf indesignfails

12. What

Are you paying for the napkins?

Would you like your chips with or without chips?
byu/ZodiacWarrior_ inCrappyDesign

13. An entirely different message

That’s pretty nasty placement for a slogan on a door.

Didn’t think about the doors being open did they?
byu/isaacthemadman7274 indesignfails

Whenever times get rough, at least I know that I haven’t quite made a major public faux pas like the ones we see above.

This is exactly why my twitter account is private.

But hey, enough about me… what do you think about these design fails? Let us know in the comments!