15 Open-Minded People Confess What Seemingly Harmless Actions They Judge


This is such a good topic. I consider myself open-minded — live-and-let-live is pretty much the only way to go about our time on this earth as far as I’m concerned.

That said, we all have that one thing we just can’t help but put on our judgy pants about, right? These 13+ people weren’t afraid to share theirs. Are you?

#15. Grocery store etiquette

“When customers at the grocery store stop and leave their cart in the middle of the aisle making it impossible for others to pass while they look for their item(s) on the shelf.”

#14. Litterbugs

“People that routinely litter – especially in public parks and beaches.”

#13. No one is in there!

“People who leave lights on in rooms they have left and closed the door on such as a bathroom for example. No one is in there! No one needs any light to see until they arrive to use the bathroom at which point they flick a light switch. It drives me mad.”

#12. Stop acting like a jerk

“People who are rude/hostile to anyone assisting them.

Cashiers, waiters, bank tellers etc. Workers should be able to tell people to stop acting like a jerk. its not hard to be civil. If you can’t be civil don’t ask for help!”

#11. Slap people silly

“Passive aggression. It makes me want to slap people silly. Just say what you mean! Unfortunately it is mostly customers who do it so I can’t call them out.”

#10. On their neck or face

“I am heavily tattooed but I find myself judging people with tattoos on their neck or face.”

#9. Speakerphone

“People that are having a personal conversation over SPEAKERPHONE with other people in the room. Especially when the conversation is so loud you can’t talk with other people in the room who also have nothing to do with the conversation being had over the phone.”

#8. Move out of the damn doorway

“When people stand in doorways in public. I want to scream. I should not have to say “excuse me.” Moooove out of the damn doorway, it is for walking through!”

#7. Savages

“People who dont wash their hands. We live in a world

Of savages”

#6. Wear clothes that fit

“People (usually men, I’m sure women do it but have never seen it) who are super overweight and have a giant stomach that their shirt doesn’t cover so it sort of just hangs out. I don’t care that you’re fat, I’m fat, just wear clothes that fit. Edit: just to clarify, I don’t care about their weight. Seriously I’m obese and I have a huge tummy, I genuinely don’t care if you’re massive, I just don’t want to see your belly.”

#5. Close the damn door

“My girlfriend’s mom will leave the refrigerator door open for 10+ minutes after taking out food to prepare it, before putting the food back in and closing the door.”

#4. Kids

“I judge people who give their children electronic devices in places like restaurants and let the sound play on speaker. I fully understand that parents want to keep their kids entertained and quiet, but it is pretty inconsiderate to make everyone in a room listen to what your kid is playing just so you don’t have to deal with your own child.”

#3. 10 out of 10 times

“Anyone that has loud music in a public place like a subway or crowded street. That makes me judge that person as an inconsiderate asshole 10 out of 10 times.”

#2. Closing time

“Anyone in a retail store or restaurant who doesn’t respect closing time. I would never ever do this in a million years. People who continue to browse when the store closes in 3 minutes, WHY?”

#1. Just because they’re old

“Old people who think they can cut you in line, just because they’re old..”

Any of these got you nodding right now?