12 Painfully Cringe-Worthy Food Order Fails

You know that sudden wave of embarrassment that hits when your server says, “Enjoy your meal,” and you say, “You too,” without skipping a beat?

Well, imagine that times a thousand, and that’s the right level of cringe in this next food meme dump.

Here are 13 painfully cringe-worthy food order fails that’ll have you facepalming into next week.

1. Well, that went right over their heads

As long as those ladies had a good time – that’s what matters.

2. Just add some kick

Yes, that is 100% definitely what makes a wine Chilean.

3. There’s an SAT word

A restaurant without any napkins honestly sounds like it’d be a hit in Williamsburg.

4. Oops

I’m sure this customer appreciated the effort, no matter how misguided.

5. Ah, innocence

Oh, to be young and totally naive again.

6. Life across the pond

Crazy how “pudding” basically means “dessert” in the UK.

7. LOL

Imagine having this kind of unbridled trust in what people say.

8. Just no

Pro tip: there’s a distinct difference between the words “scallop” and “scalloped.”

9. An acquired taste

That’s another level of seafood.

10. Ew

That is not at all the mood that this person was going for.

11. That’s some delicacy

I don’t blame this person at all. That’s exactly what the name sounds like.

12. Send help

Well, that’s exactly the kind of service I’d expect from a Jersey dive bar at 2AM.

Those fails are so crazy that they actually make the average restaurant-goer look like a Michelin reviewer.

Just remember these awful interactions the next time you’re feeling down, and I guarantee your self-esteem will skyrocket in moments.

What are some of the most cringe-worthy food orders you’ve heard?

Share them with us in the comments!