13 People Admit What They Like That Most People Don’t

People sure are finicky, aren’t they?

They change their minds all the time about what they like and they don’t like…and sometimes all of us find ourselves in the minority for the things we enjoy…

What do you like that most people DON’T like?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Nooooo!

“I love untangling things.

Your Christmas lights end up in a ball and there’s no telling where it starts or ends? Give. Got a necklace that got rolled up into a total mess? I’m your detangler. Headphones come out of your pocket looking like a Tangela? No problem!

Total zen for me. Wish I could make a few bucks with it tho.”

2. You take the lead.

“People that talk a lot so I don’t need to.

I like listening to them & I find their energy refreshing.”

3. This is great!

“Everything about the airport.

It’s so fascinating.

Honestly I like it more than the trip sometimes.”

4. Way too cold.

“A Winnipeg winter day where there’s not a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind, but it’s so f**king cold out your nose hairs freeze together every time you breathe.”

5. Me, too!

“Doing the dishes.

I find it so calming.”

6. Let’s wrap.

“Wrapping presents! It’s super therapeutic and relaxing to me.

I’ll wrap everyone’s presents in the house, even the ones they have to give to other people!”

7. Very nice.

“Gloomy and rainy days.

For me it just feels like the world stops or slows down at least.

Then I’m not missing out on much. Sunny days anything and everything is far too possible and exciting  gloomy rainy days are utter bliss.”

8. Nerd alert!

“Writing essays.

I got addicted to research when I was in college and something about putting everything together to present a coherent argument is just exciting for me.”

9. Look at that!

“I think wind turbines are elegant.

I don’t think they should be installed everywhere, but I don’t find them ugly as many people do.”

10. Nothing at all.

“Doing absolute nothing all weekend.

Unfortunately this is a distant memory because of kids.”

11. Uh uh…


I love how it’s so orderly and dependable.”

12. Okay…

“Shoveling snow.

Every year we get at least one big snowstorm, with like 3 feet of snow, and I go out and spend about 8 hours shoveling my entire driveway. Hurts like absolute hell by the end, at least the parts I can still feel, but I enjoy it

A friend came over with a snowblower once and I had to pay him to leave (he wasn’t interested in helping me shovel).”

13. That’s good!


It’s my greatest skill, and I really enjoy the sense of learning and accomplishment.

Also it helps me cope with loneliness.”

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