15 People Share What Product or Services You Don’t Want to Go Cheap On


It’s tempting to go with the “good deal” when you see it, especially if money is tight and you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck.

That said, there are some products and services that are worth the extra cash.

The old adage “you get what you pay for” is old and often used for a reason, after all.

#15. Suffering.

“Running shoes.

I’m suffering from years of cheap runners.”

#14. Having to buy replacements.

“Anything that you don’t want to dispose of right away, basically. Buying very cheap products might lead to having to replace them more often, making the entire duration of you owning the product more expensive than if you were to buy something that costs a bit more.

This is a real issue poor people have to face: not only do they have to buy the cheapest products because they can’t afford more expensive stuff, in the long run it will cost them even more money too. This is one of the reasons why it’s so hard to escape poverty.”

#13. A good quality bra.

“Underwear especially the bra.

Makes a whole lot of difference. Nothing worse than a cheap bad quality bra.”

#12. Worth every penny.


A good nights sleep is worth it every penny of it.”

#11. Spend the money.


I can’t tell you how much money I’ve wasted buying cheap shoes only to have them go to shit and have to buy new ones in like a month.

Spend the money on the good shoes and you won’t have to spend it later.”

#10. White wall paint.

“As I just had to find out – (white) wall paint. The cheap stuff is gray and translucent.”

#9. A good deal isn’t worth it.


I don’t really care how good of a deal you got on your new monstrosity.”

#8. If you want to ski again…

“Knee support.

I learned the hard way. Do not buy the cheap things from CVS. You only have 2 knees and you will miss them when they are gone.

Go for a Bauerfiend. Expensive as hell but these bad boys let me ski again!”

#7. Protect your investment.

“Power supply on your desktop PC.”

#6. You lose so much.


A lot of times the cheap ones can’t keep up with your internet speed, so you lose so much.”

#5. You only get one set of chompers.

“Dental work.”

#4. Lawyers

“A cheap lawyer is still expensive, and can create messes that will require you to hire a more expensive lawyer to fix.

If you ever doubt your lawyer’s judgment, it’s 100% worth it to seek a consultation elsewhere if only for a second opinion. You are under no obligation to tell your current lawyer if you decide to stick with them, and many lawyers offer free consultations anyway.

ETA: make sure you’re not running afoul of any provisions of your retainer agreement before seeking another consultation. Same goes for state laws. I can only speak for my own jurisdiction, where it’s perfectly fine to do so.”

#3. Safety first.

“Brakes and tires.

Because DUH!”

#2. To reduce or prevent injury.

“Anything meant to protect you.

Helmets, work boots, sporting equipment, etc.

If the purpose of the item is to reduce or prevent injury, then don’t cheap out on it.”

#1. You don’t want the regret.

“Trash bags.

They’re one of those items where you can really tell the quality difference. Trust me, you don’t want the regret of lugging a bag full of rotten produce and cat litter to the dumpster, trying to swing it over the edge and feel it tear apart in your hands on the upswing. It’s a horror you will never forget. Buy better trash bags.”

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