13+ People Confess Their Guilty Pleasures

Image Credit: Pixabay

Beware – reading this list might cause you to pick up new habits or realize there are some things you love that you should be feeling a bit more guilty about enjoying…

#15. By myself.

“Cancelling plans to stay home and be by myself.”

#14. Fantasizing.

“Fantasising about random intense fights where I win like a badass.”

#13. Such a jam.

“1990s house/dance music. The kind with those really over-used, generic beats and the cheese-tastic big sound, and usually a woman’s soaring vocals saying stuff about being independent or not or dancing or crying or leaving someone. You remember commercials for the “Fired Up!” dance compilations? Yeah, that kind of stuff. I like to blast it while I clean the house, nude.

Edit: This is my fave. This remix is hard to find but it’s such a jam.”

#12. The middle of the night.

“In the middle of the night to eat high-calorie food, such as Fried chicken, pizza.”

#11. So many bad/good flicks.

“Nicolas Cage movies.”

#10. More and more.

“Buying more books than I can read and then buying more books again.”

#9. Best and worst thing.

“Reddit. It’s an effective way to waste time. That is the best and worst thing about the site.”

#8. A little redneck soap opera.

“My guilty pleasure is a little redneck soap opera called the WWE lol.”

#7. I like to watch.

“Watching YouTube videos of people playing video games.. Sometimes it’s because I didn’t have enough money growing up to buy video games, so I sorta lived vicariously through them, and on the other hand, I just like to watch people having fun, no matter how scripted or natural a video is, the most entertaining aspect to me, is the content creator being entertained themselves..”

#6. I just enjoy them so much.

“Hot showers. Like as hot as I can get the water. I always have guilt because I feel like I waste water but i just enjoy them so much..”

#5. Something amusing.

“Gordon Ramsay kitchen nightmares.

I know that most of it is fake/put on & that most of the restaurants go under after everything in the end.

But there is something amusing as seeing a British man flip his shit at some frozen foods or unbelievably dirty kitchens.”

#4. Something so delicious.

“Taking naps at work. Sometime so delicious about sleeping and getting paid for it.”

#3. Super tingly and relaxed.

“I love the feeling of needles being poked in me… no I don’t do heroin, but whether it’s shots or getting blood drawn or an IV… it makes me feel super tingly and relaxed.

Also I have tattoos which still hurt when I get them but occasionally during the process i’ll get like a quick sensation.”

#2. They get ya every time.

“Taco Bell ?”

#1. Mean Girls.

“Chick flicks. Mean girls is one of my favourites.”

I’m off to not feel guilty about all of the sugar I eat. Bye!