People Recall Their High School Pranks That Went Too Far

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It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, right? Or until a prank spirals out of control and chaos ensues.

Do you remember your pranks from high school?

These AskReddit users sure do, and they shared the ones that went a little too far.

1. That’s not funny

“Kid decided to post on facebook that he was going to shoot up the school then not show up the next day.

The lockdown lasted six hours past the final bell until they found this kid.”

2. Forked

“So the senior class two years ahead of me forked the lawn in front of the school. A classic right? Well…they took it a bit further.

Instead of buying plastic forks in bulk, the seniors, for their whole school year, methodically pocketed the metal silverware from lunch and breakfast. Not every piece every time but just enough that the lunch staff would think it was accidental loss.

(We have a small class size so kids would buss their own trays by dumping the scraps into big trash cans and sometimes people would forget to take their silverware off first and they’d get lost. We had regular announcements at lunch reminding us to make sure we didn’t throw away the utensils.)

So in this massive conspiracy that only they knew about, they collected hundreds of metal utensils. The night before their last day of classes they snuck into the school grounds and methodically stuck hundreds of forks, knives, and spoons into the grass a foot apart each.

To make it worse, one of the two custodians had recently been fired and the remaining custodian was an older guy who was perfectly kind and in an ideal world should have retired sooner. He had to pick them all up by himself. I heard one of the teachers came in early and helped him a little bit, and saw the custodian had tears falling down his cheeks.”

3. Kidnapping

“A group of kids staged a kidnapping one time.

They borrowed a van and drove in front of a busy shopping center. One guy, pretending to escape, jumped out the trunk all wrapped up in duct tape. To the horror of all the bystanders, the van stopped, two kids ran out and recaptured the escapee and drove off.

Cops had to go to their homes when the van was identified and they had a lot of clearing up to do.”

4. The boulder

“We had a big boulder in front of the school that was always painted by different teams or clubs that had something special going on. Generally just a school spirit boulder. The seniors of the class below me decided to try and move it to a certain teachers parking spot by looping a chain around it and dragging it there.

The boulder just crumbled. They put the pieces in the teachers spot though.

Everyone was pissed about the destruction of the boulder.”

5. That’s not good

“At my high school when I was a freshman a group of seniors had broken into the school the night before with hundreds of bottles of lube to grease up all the stair cases in the school. Like 15 kids went to the hospital. One kid cracked his head open and had to be rushed to the ER.”

6. Whoops!

“Dude in my school had a crummy old car that the lock was broken and could easily be put in neutral and pushed around. The steering still locked, so mostly kids would push it into a parking space ahead or behind of it. One day they pushed it and it got away from them and it damaged a teachers car.

The kids owned up to it, but considering the owner was so sick of his car being messed with he called the police. Turns out moving a car a few meters is considered vehicle theft around here and three kids were charged and expelled.”

7. Oh My God

“Someone let a greased pig loose in the school. It basically ran around and was pretty funny. Teachers did try to catch him, but basically they opened doors and figured the pig would run outside.

The janitor went caveman and killed the pig with a broken broom handle. Blood all over the floor.

Janitor was fired that day.”

8. Emergency!

“At high school, someone in my year group decided it would be a funny idea to run and tackle a bin that was leaning on a pole.

He then pretended to be unconscious and as the group of students watched on, rumors started to go around that he jumped off the second story walkway and tackled the pole in the air and then fell towards the ground.

He continued to pretend to be unconscious and as soon as the ambulance arrived to check on his injuries, he suddenly jumped up and ran off into the distance and out of the school.”

9. Graffiti

“A couple of underclassmen crashed a wholesome senior prank and ruined it. The original prank was spray painting the graduating class year all over the building in washable paint, but these kids came by after they were done and did swears and slurs.

The graduating class almost didn’t walk until parents kept complaining that their kid(s) wasn’t at fault. They ended up having to do whatever they did to cover up the writings and there was still a pillar with a dick on it for a few weeks after.”

10. A classic

“Seniors in my high school locked all the exits with bike locks and pulled the fire alarm. They were charged.”

11. Three idiots

“In senior year, my genius classmates thought it would be a good idea to take all the books out of the library and make a giant book mountain. Needless to say, we spent around 7 hours learning the dewey decimal system.

I was livid when the administration forced our whole class to re-sort the books even though it was like three idiots who made the whole mess.”

12. Hero!

“My HS was quite large and was a campus with many buildings and in my junior year a senior drove though campus ripping wheelies on his dirt bike wearing only a jockstrap. That got the administrators up in arms.”

13. Heartwarming

“For a senior prank at my HS, a group of kids stole a ton (if not all–I can’t remember) of the bathroom stall doors. While the administration was trying to figure out who did it/how to replace all the missing doors, they had makeshift plywood doors installed.

They eventually caught the kids who did it and formally charged them with theft and a few other things. It was pretty genius, though: to pay the legal fees, the kids got a shitload of t-shirts printed with the phrase “I Prefer the Plywood” and most of the school bought them in solidarity. So, all in all, a kind of heartwarming ending to a too-far situation.”

14. Pretty good

“Some seniors came in at night and moved all the desks and whiteboards so that the classrooms were now set up outside. School was outside the next day.

The school made them clean up after school.

They repeated the same prank five more times.”

15. Bad ending!

“A kid rode a motorcycle down the hallway of the school. During the school day. And it was a K-12 school, and he rode it down the elementary school hall.

He was criminally charged and lost a sports scholarship to an American university.”