13 People Discuss Hard Pills to Swallow for Most Folks in Life

I’d say for about 98% of people out there (including me), life is going to throw you a million curveballs and it won’t turn out very much like you thought it was going to.

And that can be good AND bad.

But whatever the case, you just have to deal with it and deal with some harsh realities along the way.

AskReddit users got real about the hard pills that most people have to swallow in life.

1. A fact of life.

“That your dreams that you’ve worked towards for years and tried so hard for…might not amount to anything in the end.”

2. The way it is.

“The only thing you’re guaranteed in life is d**th.

The universe is totally indifferent and decided you don’t deserve anything more than your birth and your d**th.”

3. Up to you.

“Closure is not something someone else can give you, so stop looking.

Closure is something you get when you have processed the experience and moved on.”

4. Harsh.

“Pregnancies can destroy the lives of people who don’t want them.

Not all ‘oops’ babies are miracles.

The bodily, financial and emotional struggle is real.”

5. Think about it.

“Very few people in your life actually care about you.

Cherish them because you don’t have many.”

6. Look inward.

“If you’re running into a**holes everywhere you go, there’s a good chance that you’re the a**hole.”

7. Different kinds of families.

“The family you choose is often times more important than the family you’re born into.

People are too afraid to cut toxic members of their family out of their life because of some familial obligation they feel.”

8. Don’t even worry about it.

“Not everyone is going to like you.

You can be the best, most generous and amazing person in the world and there will still be at least 1-5 people who will find a reason to h**e your guts.”

9. Not always the best candidate.

“Missing out on a job you think you are “perfect” for isn’t always about lack of connections.

Sometimes there is just someone out there better than you are.”

10. Beware.

“Toxic friends are like any addiction.

Great at the beginning, that’s why get so involved, but once you’re hooked the problems begin.”

11. They don’t exist.

“Soul mates don’t exist.

Don’t wait for a perfect person to find you.

Just find someone that you can get along with because no relationship is perfect.”

12. Do your own thing.

“Most of modern society’s measure of “success” is an entirely worthless endeavor. You can’t take your stuff with you when you d**.

A real measure of a life’s success would be how far you’ve come (mentally or spiritually) to comfortably accept your mortality.

80-ish years of fleeting joys doesn’t properly prepare you for the eternity that awaits after.”

13. Do the heavy lifting.

“Therapy is hard work, breaking bad habits and actively working on bettering yourself.

The doctor is not fixing you, he teaches you how to fix yourself and may give you tools to help but YOU have to do the heavy lifting.”

What do you think is a hard pill for people to swallow?

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