What Should Stop Being Normalized? Here’s What People Said.

Just because something is accepted and normalized doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing…

In fact, I’d say exactly the opposite about a whole lot of stuff out there.

And we’re about to hear from a bunch of people who have some pretty strong feelings about this.

Read on to see what they had to say.

1. Creepy.

“Filters that change the shape of your face to fit a beauty standard.

Kids are growing up with an even more distorted view of what they should look like than previous generations.”

2. Stay home!

“Coming to work sick.

People tend to get praised for that, but they are in fact just endangering others to get sick as well and in the end it costs the company more as if they just stayed home.”

3. Please!

“Having an opinion on everything.

It’s okay to look at something on the internet and think to yourself “I don’t have to care about this.””

4. What happened to character?

“Failures in political leadership.

I feel more and more we are becoming less critical of failed character in our leaders.”

5. Toxic.

“Married couples disliking one another.

Normalizing a**sive and toxic elements in marriage is lame.”

6. You need time off.

“Working while on vacation.

You go on vacation to relax and enjoy yourself, not to try to fill out spreadsheets and deal with work stuff in your hotel room.”

7. Burned out.

“Students overwhelmed by homework when it isn’t necessary.

I’m excluding situations like when the workloads from classes are reasonable and happen to pile on one day or students who aren’t organized, etc.

This whole thing is a grey area, but sleep, burnout, mental health exists.”

8. Keep it simple.

“The entire “game” involved in modern dating or even most social interactions.

The playing hard to get, the “arriving fashionably late”.

Like people, can we please keep it simple?”

9. Gross.


Sooo many “love stories” on netflix, or just any sort of romance movie released these days have cheating involved in them so much. It’s always branded as this romantic thing to do. Oooo like at this dark and brooding handsome guy with no personality.

Time to f**k him and forget about my 2 year relationship, or some shit like that. It’s not romantic, it’s just wrong, and it should not be normalised.”

10. Unacceptable.

“Being s**tty to retail and food workers.

We work hard all day, deal with some of the worst customers bar none, and really don’t get paid enough to support families but we do it anyway.

For way less than it’s worth…”

11. Not healthy.

“Hopping from one relationship into another … especially from an unhealthy handsome manipulator to the wounded nice guy …. is a trope in all the Hallmark movies …. makes me want to scream, “take some time alone to heal!!!””

12. The grind.

“The grind.

Not taking vacation. Working on vacation. Working through your lunch break. Working early and late all the time. Answering emails after hours.

We are completely dispensable to the companies we work for. Don’t lose your life grinding for a company who only thinks of you as a number.”

What do you think should stop being normalized?

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