13 People Discuss the Creepy, Inexplicable Things That Have Happened to Them

Life is full of scary things and events that we have a hard time explaining.

And, even if you don’t believe in the supernatural, sometimes you have an experience that really creeps you out and makes you question everything you thought you knew about life…and death.

In this article, people opened up about creepy and inexplicable things that happened to them.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say…

1. The phantom hand.

“Driving down a street, middle of the day, I checked my rearview for traffic behind me and saw a hand reach up in the back seat.

Almost jumped the curb when I swerved out of shock, looked around to an empty seat. I pulled into a parking lot to confirm that I couldn’t have seen anything. Not only was the backseat empty of people but no loose items either.

No events in my life around this, no deaths of family or friends, and nothing that I could find out about the spot on the city street that was significant.”

2. Down in Mississippi.

“I grew up in Mississippi and we used to go play in the woods off the Natchez Trace when we were teens. The NT was a vital trade route in the 1800s and a lot of bad things occurred there.

There was a group of us and we kept seeing the figure of a man watching us from behind various trees. Ok, so it was a guy watching us, right? But this guy kept randomly appearing behind trees ~50 ft apart and there was no way he could make the distance between them without being seen.

A few of us decided to flank him and came up alongside. There was nobody there.

We promptly got the f*ck outta there.

I had several experiences like that over the first 20 yrs of my life in that state.”

3. Country roads.

“In high school we’d pass time driving on back country roads late at night. No booze or drugs or anything involved, just chit chatting and singing along to music or whatever while we drove around.

Once when it was just one of my girlfriends and me, we were cruising when we suddenly came up on a girl in the middle of the road. We both saw her and screamed—she was so close to us, she couldn’t possibly have had enough time to run out of the way.

My friend swerved and slammed on the brakes so hard we wound up horizontal in the street, but when we got out to investigate no one was there. Total silence, nothing on or off the road in any direction. We were so spooked we called a friend to tail us all the way home.

Over 15 years later it still scares me so much I get teary-eyed just thinking about it.”

4. Ghosts.

“I was staying at my grandma’s house and my brother and I shared a room. We were talking about how cool it would be to see grandpa’s ghost.

Sometime in the middle of the night, my brother got up for the bathroom and freaked out, saying grandpa was in the mirror. I thought he was joking, but sure enough, I saw the mirror and grandpa was in it. Transparent, like they are stereotypically portrayed. He was in a suit fixing his tie. I remember it so vividly. It freaked us out and we slept in a different room instead.

I do not believe in supernatural stuff at all and am very skeptical/critical of ideas of an afterlife and the supernatural. But I remember this so clearly and can’t explain it. I wish I could see it now, now that I’m older.”

5. Sad.

“Last year I had a dream about a friend’s classmate she’s only ever mentioned once extremely briefly the year prior. Completely forgot about him. Even how he looked or what his name was.

Then I had a dream of him committing suicide. It left me confused. Two days later, news comes out that they found his body.”

6. A visit from Mom.

“After my mother died I re-did her room.

She liked to paint, so I put up some of her paintings. One didn’t have a frame, so it was a couple of months before I got around to putting it up. As I stepped out of the room I turned to look back. I saw my mother sitting on the edge of the bed, smiling, very happy.

She turned to me, and though I couldn’t hear anything, I saw her lips saying “thank you,” and she was gone.”

7. Silhouette.

“My aunt has a house about four hours north of where I grew up. It’s a suburb of a major city. Basic neighborhood. Two story homes. Middle class. Basic.

My dad and I used to go up there every year for thanksgiving and Christmas. I was asleep in the basement bedroom one night and woke up to see a black silhouette leaning over me. It didn’t have eyes or any features or anything but I specifically remember seeing it and starting to panic before it sort of just faded away.

A different time we were staying there, I was sleeping in the bedroom at the very far end of the main hallway on the first floor. I woke up one night and had to pee. So I left the bedroom and turned to go down the hall. I looked up and as I did, I saw a black featureless silhouette drift across the opposite end of the hall from the dining room to the living room.

I brought it up to my aunt later on and she said she had seen the same thing before. She said she’d woken up and seen it in the corner of her room before, and that she’d seen it in the hallway too. My dad had also seen it. They never brought it up to me because they didn’t want to scare me.

I’m sure there has to be some logical explanation for it, but it still creeps me out to this day.”

8. Creepy.

“My mother told me that when I was very tiny, around preschool age, I would say things to her like, “Don’t you remember when we all wore long skirts and all the men carried guns on their hips?” I was very confused that she told me that she didn’t ‘remember’ ever living like that.

A few years ago, I lived in a house that was haunted. I knew something was up the first night I slept over. I had poured a bathtub of water and opened the bathroom cabinet to find the little shelves were not attached and just leaning inside the cabinet. I decided I’d fiddle with them later and took my bath.

When I got out of the bathtub (mind you, I was the ONLY person in the bathroom!) those little shelves were in place, screwed in, in that cabinet. I was like, “….well.” When I casually brought it up to my landlord, who’d grown up in that house, he got this look on his face and he admitted the place was haunted. He’d seen a shadow man when he was a boy, but I never saw any kind of figure or shapes.

Things would happen like drawers and cabinets popping open and closed, the front gate opened for me once and then closed itself behind me. I’m still mad I never got it on video, but the ghost didn’t perform on command. You might not see any activity for days and then out of nowhere something would happen. That being said, I never felt imperiled or threatened or anything.

It was more that the ghost was a bit of a scamp. He did things like dump the towel in the middle of the bathroom floor, stuff like that.”

9. Doppelganger.

“I saw my sister’s doppelganger.

I was like 5/6yo. I went out of the bathroom and started looking for my sister so I was running around the house calling her. I went to the living room and saw her sitting on a chair. I ran towards her calling her but I got no responce, which was weird.

When I came closer I realised that the way she was sitting was unnatural, she was really stiff and haven’t moved at all. I don’t think she was even breathing.

But what took my attention were her eyes. They looked dead. She was staring blankly at the wall and didn’t even noticed me.

I called her again but she didn’t even blinked. I tried to touch her but as my fingers were getting closer to her I was getting more and more scared. I finally panicked and ran to my parents room screaming, looking for my mum.

My sister was sitting there playing on our pc. I asked her what was she doing in the living room but she had no idea what I was talking about so I brushed it off.

Years later I’ve told my ex about it and he have told me that everything matches the description of a doppelganger except for her clothes. The doppelganger was wearing a pajama while my sister was wearing normal clothes.”

10. Was it sleep paralysis?

“When I lived at my mom’s house, the house was in the middle of Missouri forest (5-10 minutes outside of town, at least three quarter mile walk to the neighbors.

My room was on the ground floor, complete opposite side of the house from anyone else, and I always liked to have my windows open slightly for fresh air, and window blinds down to cover all but the open part.

So I wake up one night, one hundred percent certain someone was watching me from where the windows were open, and I told myself they would leave as long as I didn’t move.

I know now, looking back on it, that it was just sleep paralysis, but it still freaked me out.”

11. Footprints.

“Every year for several years, during the winter months, we would find tracks in our backyard.

Now, just to help visualize, our backyard was tiny as hell, having maybe about 20 feet from the back door (where my bedroom was) to our tiny-*ss garage, and a sidewalk’s length of path around back that was fenced off. Fenced off on all sides, minimal room for movement, hard for anything not-human to get in without a ruckus.

These tracks from who-knows-the-f*ck-where that would start in a random spot, come up the two short steps to the back door, go back a few feet and just disappear. They just started and stopped with no real trail. We have no idea what was making them, nor how or why they could/would have just made a few prints in a small radius with no start or end. They only ever appeared in the backyard, in that 20-foot space, not in the front or even the driveway.

They looked like they belonged to a deer, but shrunken down slightly, but you’d think a deer would leave more than just a couple tracks in a tiny spot. And then, of course, there’s the matter of the fences everywhere and the near-impossibility of a deer going up those steps without whacking its face on the door.

No one else in the neighborhood had these tracks anywhere around their homes, we lived in a small but lively city with hardly any forestry to be spoken of, and we saw a grand total of one deer and one rabbit in the six years we lived in that house, neither being anywhere near our home.

And if this sh*t doesn’t already sound unbelievable enough, these tracks only ever showed up at night, after it snowed. If it snowed again and covered the old tracks, more would follow shortly after. It would only ever make a single set of tracks, and more wouldn’t be added unless the others disappeared. It was almost like this thing just wanted to make sure it had a mark in our yard at all times. And each time, without fail, they came up to the door.

Needless to say, it creeped our family the F*CK out the first time around, but after a while we took to calling it the Ghost Deer and just let it do its thing. We even looked forward to the appearances every year. No harm ever came of it, so we never really made an honest attempt at trying to see it or understand it.”

12. That is spooky.

“The girl who prevented me from killing myself.

Long story very short. I was seconds away. Girl shows up. We talk. Get food. Talks me out of it. Got her name but can find absolutely nothing about her anywhere.

Employees also said I came in alone and ate quietly.”

13. The white flash.

“When I was young (10-12) I would wake up earlier than everyone else and it would be dark out still. I would head to the basement to watch tv or go on the computer.

I wouldn’t turn lights on, I would just walk through the house in total darkness. To get downstairs you would go down two steps to the landing and back door and then turn left and go down the flight of stairs.

This was back when we had an old tube TV and if you know about them then you probably remember when you turned off a tube TV there would be a white flash of light for a split second.

It happened many times where I would see a light flash reflect off the wall at the bottom of the stairs when I would start walking down. The type of flash that looked like someone turned the tv off.

It was the creepiest thing when I would see it. I also had some feelings of someone else there if I woke up in the middle of the night sometimes.

It’s possible my eyes or brain were playing tricks on me, but it happened more than once. I always left the lights off and tried to be quiet to catch this couch potato phantom.”

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