People Talk About the Biggest Mysteries of Their Lives That They’ll Never Solve

What’s the biggest mystery of your life that you just can’t explain?

Maybe it’s something huge and monumental, or maybe it’s something small and seemingly inconsequential but it still lingers in the back of your brain and you think about it every now and then.

Either way, life sure is strange and it’s full of unknowns.

AskReddit users opened up about the biggest unsolved mysteries from their own lives.

1. Rolex.

“One day I woke up and my Rolex watch was gone from my bedside table, I was gutted, to say the least, it had enormous sentimental value.

I searched the house hi and lo…nothing. About 10 months later I went to put some redundant boxes on a shelf that required a ladder and a steady person to foot it. Bear in mind this was a Victorian House with high shelves and these we had NEVER used or could see on.

My Rolex was there, and it was still running and on time. Still freaks me out and still freaks out my partner.”

2. Emerald ring.

“I was gifted a diamond and emerald ring on my 15th birthday. I was obsessed with the ring and wore it every day.

When I was 17, I went on a date to watch a movie. During the movie, I put my hand in my purse that sat on my lap, and when I pulled it out, I felt the ring slip off, and I heard it clink on the floor.

I instantly panicked and started feeling around as much as possible, and since the theater was relatively empty, I even used a flashlight I had to look for it (before phones came with those)

Sadly, nothing. The movie ended, we had a whole crew searching, I called the theater many times over the following weeks and no one ever saw it.

When I was 20, I was cleaning out a drawer when something pricked my finger, when I pulled out the item, it was the emerald ring.

I lost my sh*t.

I never wore it again for fear of losing it.”

3. Baffled.

“I was opening mail at work, boxes of various kind. We were in a dire need of a pin extractor tool, and one of the boxes was from that store.

I open it, check the list that it should indeed be the tool, but the box only had a piece of brown packaging paper. I even showed the empty box to a colleague next to me.

I then proceed to the next box, which was from a supplier abroad. The tool was inside that box, as well as the supplier’s item. The box was sealed with supplier’s tape, so there’s no way someone just moved it there in some mail centre or something.

We’re still completely baffled, what in the f*ck happened back then.”

4. Brandy.

“Fiancé and I come back to our apartment after being away all day.

Get in, drop bags off, etc and I walk in the kitchen and there on my counter was a picture of a black girl. It was like a senior portrait with the name “Brandy” on it. My fiancé and I are white and we don’t know anyone named Brandy.

I remember unlocking the door, so I know the door was locked and nothing else seemed out of sorts. Just a wallet sized photo. So naturally. I framed it and now Brandy is an unofficial member of our family.

Brandy, if you are out there, we love you. Come visit.”

5. What happened last night?

“On the 4th of July I had a few drinks, then a few more. The next morning I had a black eye, a bunch of $1 bills ($137 worth) and a long time crush in bed with me.

Neither of us remembers the night before after midnight, none of our friends saw us after midnight, and we both had no text or calls out going after midnight.

It was still one of my best 4ths ever, just with big gaps.”

6. Time travel?

“Around 2004 I was working as a projectionist at a movie theater. One of the kids movies ended but the last movie to end still had about 50 minutes left to its run time.

So one of the things I would typically do would be to to check the theater for left behind lose change or unopened candy. So I run down there and look around for maybe 10 minutes. I make my way back upstairs thinking I still have about 40 minutes left in my night, and next thing you know my boss is calling me on the walkie-talkie asking me if I’m done and ready to go home.

I thought he was just messing around which he sometimes would do and didn’t think much of it, until I realized none of the movies were running and holy cr*p I somehow just time traveled about 45 minutes into the future. My watch was even wrong. I’ve never been able to explain it to myself and at this point I’m just assuming my mind made the whole thing up.

Or I’m a one time time traveler that one night randomly moved ahead about 45 minutes for no reason.”

7. Where is everyone?

“About 5 years ago I went to visit a buddy who lives in Salt Lake City.

We were going to see Pacific Rim at a movie theater and found this random theater in South Jordan. We pull in to the parking lot and there are no cars in the lot. There were no employees at the ticket booths. Is it closed? Tried the doors and they were unlocked.

We go inside and there are no customers or employees at all. So we just walk past the little concessions area and go back to where the actual theaters are at. We located where Pacific Rim was playing and went inside. It was pitch black but then like 10 minutes later the movie started. There was no one else in the theater. About two thirds of the way through the movie an employee comes in and tells me to take my feet off the seats in front of me and then walks out the emergency exit.

Once the movie ended we left the theater area and there was still no one in the building. No other cars in the parking lot. I still don’t know what was going on with that.”

8. A family mystery.

“My family has a very old wooden chest in our house that has been passed down through the generations.

Usually, the Patriarch tells his descendant that he should only open it if he truly needs what is inside. This was what my grandfather told my father. My father is in his mid 70s now, and he doesn’t plan on opening it, so it will be my heirloom when he passes.

It has sat in the same spot on top of a shelf in our garage for over 20 years. Nobody in our family has ever opened the chest in living memory. Nobody knows what is inside.”

9. Historic house.

“I live in an historic house once owned by the family of a (former) PM of the UK.

Besides hearing doors closing and other unusual things, on weekends I can hear loud jazz, 20’s type music and champagne corks popping coming from our living room (just below our bedroom). It actually keeps me up at night.

This isn’t a one time experience. It has happened at least 30 times in the few years we have lived here. I’m an atheist but the whole thing is really weird.”

10. On the train.

“It was 1996 and I was backpacking solo, taking a train from Prague to Český Krumlov. We got a bit outside of Prague, stopping now and then at stations.

Then we stopped in a field. I paid little attention until a minute or two later when I realized that everyone was getting off the train with all their luggage and climbing this hill.

WTF? I was totally confused. I looked around and everyone had left my car. Everyone had left all the cars. So I grabbed my backpack and followed them up the hill, trying in vain to find someone who spoke English.

At the top of the hill were a bunch of buses with signs on them in Czech, that seemed to say different things, and none of them ‘Český Krumlov.’ I stood indecisively as buses started to fill up and pull away. Eventually this little old lady grabbed me by the arm and pulled me after her into one of the last couple of buses. There were no seats left (though someone was nice and offered one to her), so I stood.

We drove. I had no idea where, why, or how long. Still couldn’t find an English speaker. After about twenty minutes we got to a small station in a rural area, and lo! There was a train there. Looked about the same, though I couldn’t tell if it was the same one. All the buses were arriving and everyone was getting back on the train, so I again followed.

Eventually we reached Český Krumlov and I got off.

To this day I have no idea what happened. Was the track damaged? Was there an alien invasion? Did rogue cows swarm the tracks and shut it down?

Was there a massive murder scene they were trying to cover up? Was the route always planned to use buses? I’ll never know!”

11. Hmmmm…

“About three years ago I found a woman’s wallet in the middle of the street. A couple weeks later I found another woman’s wallet in that same exact spot. Then believe it or not a few weeks later I found a third wallet that same spot.

The creepiest part was that all the wallets were untouched. Seemed like all the cards were in the wallet and there was money. Including gift cards.”

12. Out of the sky.

“Sometime around 2008/09 two roommates and I watched a giant, winged reptilian creature fly above our Henderson, NV home late one night. After maybe an hour or so, the thing flew off into the darkness. We dubbed it The Mothman after the antagonist from the same titled movie.

The next night, there were two. Flying lazy circles over our subdivision like they were hawks searching for mice in a field. One flew low enough the streetlights illuminated it to where I remember seeing a clearly defined quadriceps muscle.

The night after the sky was full of them, and smaller “barking” type…things? I can’t even begin to describe what they looked like.

Then they were gone forever. Months after we would stay up late, smoking cigarettes in the bed of my truck watching the skies.

The kicker to the story, is that years later, after I moved to the Pacific NW, my girlfriend and I were hanging out at the river. We chatted with the family next to us, and when I told him where I lived he asked, “you ever see any of them flying gargoyles?”

My gf knew about it and our mouths both dropped. Apparently he had a friend in AZ who told a similar story.

I’m not religious. I don’t believe crazy sh*t other people say. “Chem trails” are vapor from condensation. Big foot is a dude in a suit. I don’t have any alien abduction stories. But I have one giant f*cking mystery I don’t think I’ll ever resolve.”

13. Unanswered questions.

“I will never know how/why my brother died: He was 26 years old.

His roommates asked if he wanted to watch a movie and he said he had to get up early so he was going to call it a night. He said goodnight to the roommates and went into his bedroom. While they were watching the movie, there’s a knock on their apartment door. It’s the cops.

They found my brother dead in the backyard of the apartment building and were knocking on the doors that corresponded to the windows above where he was found. The roommates were like “no he just went to bed about an hour ago” and then opened his bedroom door and saw he was gone. Music still playing, half-drunk glass of wine on the bedstand, window partially open.

Did he fall by accident? Jump on purpose? So many unanswered questions.”

14. What did they want?

“Driving through East London a few years ago with some friends, literally just driving for drivings sake with no location. Had been driving for about 10 minutes and theres a flash from the car in front. Then another, and I realize they’re taking photos of my car. After a few photos they literally speed off.

We continue driving for around 30/40 minutes, and while driving through another part of East London, someone holds a camera out the car in front of me’s window, and starts taking photographs. After a few, they again speed off, this time skipping through a few red lights (there were a lot due to road works at the time).

Another 20 or so minutes later, we are driving near where the first car took photos, drove into a council estate next to it, and I realize there’s a car driving everywhere we go. I take a left, it takes a left, I go right, so does the car behind. I pull into a car park, so does the car, I pull out of the car park, so does the car.

Confused, I’m just about ready to floor it because I don’t know what the hell is going on and it doesn’t sit right, then suddenly, blue lights. The car behind was an undercover police car. I get pulled over, two undercovers come up to the car and ask me to get out. They show their badges, they check my license and details, peer through the windows of my car (they don’t search it), and eventually let me go on my way.

I don’t know if these were three completely unrelated incidents, or two related incidents and a police incident, or all apart of the same incident, but it didn’t sit right with me that I was photographed in my car, miles apart, with both cars speeding off, then later on being pulled over by police for my first time ever (I was a new driver).

Was I being followed? Was my sh*tty old car really just attractive to strangers? It don’t know if you would call it a mystery but it is to me.”

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