13 People Discuss What They Think Everyone Needs to Experience Once in Life

When I was young, I was in no rush because I thought I had forever and ever to do whatever the hell I wanted.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done a lot of interesting things, traveled a lot, and lived in different places.

But now that I’m a little bit older, I realize there are tons and tons of things that I’ll never get to do in life…and that’s okay, I guess. But there’s still time to scratch some things off of the old bucket list!

What should everyone experience at least once in their lives?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Service industry.

“Being in a service job (waiter or cashier).

Everyone should know what it’s like and reflect on that experience when they’re interacting with service employees.”

2. Pretty rare.

“A standing ovation.

It was wholly unexpected, and as such embarrassing AF at the time, I nodded my thanks, blushed a lot and took my seat.

But it made me feel bulletproof from the recognition and validation and that was so valuable as someone who tends towards being somewhat under-confident.”

3. Still never had it!

“Good poutine.

Not the cheap stuff from a fast food place and not the fancy stuff with chives and shaved truffle on top.

Just a good, three ingredients, simple, and authentic poutine.”

4. Liberating.

“Honestly, try going to a clothing optional/nude beach or something like that.

It’s incredibly freeing and liberating to have everything out in the open with the wind, ocean, sand and warm sun. I highly recommend it.

It isn’t for everyone though so if you do want to do it make sure you’re really ready to do it.”

5. Giddyup!

“I’m 66 and have done a lot of things but probably one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve ever had, something I’ll never forget was being on a horse going at a full run.

It can’t be described, only experienced.”

6. Take this job and shove it!

“Quitting a job on the spot.

Just did it 2 days ago after an argument with my boss. To be fair I have been considering giving my notice over the last 6 months.

But man, do I ever feel good!!!!”

7. Bringing them up.

“Raising a small animal. I got an orphaned 6 week old kitten just before the lockdowns here started, and the last year has been filled with joy because of her.

From her being tiny enough to hold in one hand, to teaching her how to use the litterbox, to waking up to her nuzzling my face and giving me kisses each morning (like a person, even), it’s been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done and I know she’ll be my best friend for the rest of her life.”

8. I want to try this.

“Float tank. Aka sensory deprivation tank.

10 inches of water with 1000 or so pounds of Epsom salt with air and water heated to skin neutral temperature. Light proof and sound proof chamber. Modern ones are quite large, some setup as a walk in room.

Your body floats half way out of the water due to the salt density and you quickly lose track of what’s water and what’s air. Weightless and nearly zero sensory input you can easily transition to a deep meditative state. It gives a glimpse of what’s possible – you realize there is a there, there (h/t Sam Harris).

Other people use it for pain relief (weightlessness), visualization for sports psychology, etc.”

9. Trippin’.

“Psychedelics. There is nothing like it.

It allows you to become a child again for a few hours and regain that wonder/awe/inspiration for the world, while allowing you to look at your life and it’s problems in a completely different perspective. It’s the only thing on this planet that you can eat and gain wisdom and intelligence.

It’s an absolute shame they were stigmatized and illegalized in the states when other cultures have been using them to influence their decisions and happiness, freedom and peacefulness for millennia before. There’s even a strong argument that psychedelics are what helped homo sapiens evolve into who we are today.

Everything about them needs to be re-evaluated on a global level. There’s a reason a single dose can abolish treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, cluster headaches, and work wonders as marriage counseling. There was an interesting statistic from a paper about DMT use where something like 40% of the atheists who partook in the study later changed their views to agnostic, or something else.

There’s more to life than we can see, for that I am certain, and psychedelics can give you a taste.”

10. You’ll bounce back.

“Suffering a serious failure, and getting back on your feet after it.

It will show you that you can do it. And it may allow you to risk things in life yet again.

It is called living your life! Not dying on the vine…”

11. Oh, I like this!

“Santorini Island, Greece (summer):

Wake up. Drink your hot beverage of choice and eat your typical Greek breakfast while looking at the most spectacular view which is your the elevated cliff view from your balcony looking far down and miles out over the crater shaped seascape (caldera).

Stroll down to the beach and spend the entire afternoon lying under the large parasol, sipping anything cool and refreshing. Bring a book or don’t.

Dip yourself into the cool, clear, turquoise shimmering water at intervals to breakup the sizzling heat permeating the air.

Pack up your gear and once back at the hotel, take a nap you deserved it.

Wake up. Shower, shampoo and shine. Plop yourself on the balcony again and witness a sunset that you’ll never forget. Never.

Soon you’ll be sitting at your reserved dinner table. Drink the local wine and eat like a Greek god/goddess. Talk and reminisce about what a great day you had. Enjoy the moment.

Find yourself an outdoor disco/venue and dance till the wee hours.

Stumble back to your hotel and sleep like a contented baby.


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