21 People Share the YouTube Video That Always Makes Them Smile

It’s a strange thing, but in this day and age, I think most of us have found those YouTube videos or channels that we go back to when we need an emotional pick-me-up. The internet has so many things that are (or can be) downers, that we need to appreciate the good things it brings us, too – and these 21 videos definitely fall under this category.

My own contribution is Where the Heck is Matt – so check it out!

21. It’s the positivity that makes it great.

Best thing about this video is how humorous he is while he is obviously being pranked and can laugh about himself at the end. The whole video is pure positivity and fun!


20. The belly laughs are contagious.

Old man with the funniest laugh disrupts comedy show. This can cure anything.

19. Man these two were national treasures. Sigh.

The Front Fell Off is always my go to.


18. Because cats really never get old.

Cat Runs Into Glass Door on French Bakery TV Show.


17. Who knew this was a thing?

For more information on the crack spider’s bi*ch, contact the Canadian Wildlife Service in Ottawa.


16. I honestly feel sorry for this mummy.

The Recreation of a mummy’s vocal chords… Never. Gets. Old.


15. You have never seen a more elated dog.

Guy dresses up as dog’s favorite toy.

The way the dog reacts to it. Its straight out of a blockbuster film. Can it be? No… no… it is. The prophecy has been fulfilled. schmacks and goob times ahead. Walking over with a cool air about him as if hes ascending to a plane thats far beyond us.


14. I need to know this couple’s dramatic backstory.

Nice, Ron! 😂 oh I’m not allowed to sneeze???


13. It’s not what you’re expecting.

Count: I **** the candles on the shelf

Me: hmm, what rhymes with shelf?

Count: and when I’m alone I **** mysellllllllf

Me: there it is

12. I think he might need to give it another shot.

A video where a guy is talking about building a cage for a baby rhino. The rhino just runs out of it when he’s talking. Gets me every time. “Ohmygod”


11. You gotta roll with the punches.

Weatherman’s map displays temperatures in 1000’s and he rolls with it.

“I think steel boils at that temperature” … Can’t stop laughing


10. I’m literally crying laughing watching this one.

Guy has Facebook share what are clearly his favorite memories on ‘Friend’s Day’


9. Well now I need a ferret.

A man has a ferret that has babies and she wants his hand in the box with them. When he takes his hand away she runs after it and takes his hand back.


8. Pretty soon we’re not gonna be laughing about the robot uprising.

Runaway concrete buffer.

“Oh no, they have angered the machine!”

7. It makes him look kind of human.

a seal slapping his belly


6. This one is an absolute classic.

These guys even tried to set up a fan shop for their one successful video. How enterprising.


5. When you’re just having too much fun at work.

These two TV announcers losing their MINDS covering this downhill biking race:


4. You want to watch this but also you’re glad it’s not a closeup.

Man sneezes into his trombone during concert.


3. He’s obviously always been funny.

David Blaine street magic parody on YouTube. Never fails to get me laughing my ass off. Also the dude who’s in it now works on SNL, Mikey Day!


2. Kids getting harmlessly knocked over is always funny.

Kid gets beat up by carnival game. The 4th hit is gold!


1. I mean, it is ice cream.

That first taste is really something, though.

“I don’t know. Life is so uncertain. I may never get another chance.” -baby, probably.


I’m going to bookmark each and every one of these for future use.

If you’ve got another one to add to my list, drop the link in the comments!