13 People Muse on the Animals Who Could Defeat Humans If They Really Tried

I know humans have things like guns and pesticides and (supposedly) higher brain function, but listen – don’t you think there are some cases when none of that is going to stand up to a horde of really sharp teeth and claws?

Or like…geese. If the geese formed a posse I would be on my way to an underground bunker so fast, y’all.

Here are 13 other people’s takes on the animals we should fear more than we do.

13. We should all be worried about those literal dinosaurs.

I’m worried about cassowarries.

They are fierce AF!

12. It’s a good thing most of them are domesticated.


Haha, no seriously… Canadians.

They look nice… but they’r enot.

11. What if they banded together?

750k deaths a year when mosquitoes aren’t making an effort.

Don’t mess with those things, fam!

10. I mean what if none of us could eat carbs again?

The ~3.5kg of bacteria that call your gut home and control your digestion.

They also carry more information in their DNA than you.

If they wanna wreck their vehicle you will not stop them.

9. You know what he’s talking about, right?

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure there’s a movie series about this.

Planet of the…..of the…ummm…uhhhh…I can’t remember.

Oh, yeah! Apes!

8. When they party in your brain all night.

Spongebob showed my how deadly nematodes are.

Once they get inside of you.. game over!

7. If you’re not terrified of monkeys, you’re not paying attention.

Chimpanzees are the only other species than humans known to wage organized wars and to engage in torture.

They’re also the closest relatives to humans and the second smartest animal behind us.

6. Seriously you don’t want to know too much about dolphins.


They can easily kill sharks. They gang up on them and basically ram them to death.

Oh, and they have attacked humans in captivity.

5. Or just give us all horrible diseases.

I’ve played Dishonored a lot, so I believe that rats could eat all the Humans easily if they wanted to.

4. I would like these ants to stay off of my continent please and thank you. Fire ants are enough.

I lived in East Africa for 6 years and I love watching giant African siafu ants. Sometimes the ants will make a tunnel – a tunnel of ants – that let the others pass from one place to another safely.

They’ve got a good bite on them too! My rule has always been that if you can see siafu, you’ve got them on you somewhere, so check your legs! I once got a load of them under my jeans and so ran into my house, whipped off my jeans and jumped in the shower. BAD. MOVE. As soon as the water hit my body, these guys all bit down HARD in unison, leaving me frantically trying to brush them off me. Now, in the bush, siafu are a handy part of any first-aid routine because they bite so hard and so firmly that you can use them as field stitches. It took me a while to pick off each individual ant, but I learned a valuable lesson!

I’ve heard stories about drunk people passing out and being found the next day having been almost picked clean by siafu.

That’s a hell of a way to go…

3. Some people are just a little too confident in weapons, I think.

Yeah, it’s like literally nobody in this thread has heard of the flamethrower.

There is no animal that could deal with modern weaponry.

2. I mean you’ve seen Finding Nemo, right?

Fu*ckin Seagulls.

Swooping down and ruining your life!

1. We’re trying to test that theory.

Forget animals fighting us – bees could wipe out at least a sizable majority of humans by doing precisely nothing.

This list just cracked me up! Thinking about some of these guys organizing (but seriously, keep the monkeys away from me!).

What would you add? What animal are you most afraid of? Tell me in the comments!